julien@jboss.com in JBossPortal

no need to set the expiration cache in portlet.xml if we always set it programmaticially during the renderp phase
fix customization bug where the controller portlet controller context was using directly an instance lookup instead of using the customization manager
rewrote a part of the weathe portlet so that

- it does not use a mix of render parameter and preferences for zip state

- does not store the entire feed URL in the preferences but rather the zip

- display the current zip when the preferences is edited

rewrote ControllerPageNavigationalState#initiateWindowPublicNavigationalStateUpdate() which was bugged
add myself as author on those files
better naming: a qname is the type of a name and it should not affect the semantic of its named usage as a "name"
optimize unnecessary object creation
getPage() must not be exposed on the AliasBindingInfo interface, it's an implementation detail of the POJO
fix precedence of window over alias bindings
new use case sample
update samples
implement alias binding runtime update
implement alias binding runtime update
defines special namespace and parameter to bind a page parameter to the page title in the DOM browser
use directly empty namespace and remove explicit namespace declaration
added page parameter portlet to update page nav state dirctly using the PortalNode api
filter tags should be below portlet tag
explicit aliased parameter example
bug fix
- rework samples to better reflect use cases (still need to redo the fallback case, but going to bed)

- initial implementation for integration with page urls

retrieves full content from a window (expiration+title+markup) instead of just the markup
- add a bit of javadoc

- renaming the very first GWT RPC I did "ping()" method to "getRoot()"

dummy class placeholder for things to do, will remove later
remove unused interface
remove ConcurrentReaderHashMap in favor of j.u.c.ConcurrentHashMap for the natural object id bache
very minor javadoc
fix issue where a pane drag would prevent the usage of one of its children
javadoc does not hurt
improved DnD
fix the droppable selection that was not taking in account the window scroll values