metamer: coverage: FullReportResultsSaver now prints total coverage

metamer: calendar: tests stabilization (RFPL-4115)

metamer: all links to reproducers united using cc reproducerPageLink, all reproducers names united to lowercase

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metamer: sort components list alphabetically

metamer: reproducerPageLink component created

qa: chromedriver version updated to 2.21

metamer: removed explicit version declaration for artifact arquillian-suite-extension

qa: arquillian graphene version updated to 2.1.0.Alpha3

qa: testng version updated to 6.9.10

metamer: skinning: added reproducer for RF-14130

metamer: skinning: reproducer for RF-12362 updated

metamer: skinning: removed redundant namespaces in reproducer for RF-13241

metamer: skinning: added skin with transparent color and reproducer for RF-12362

metamer: repeat: added reproducer and test for RF-11093

metamer: removed unused tomcat 6 resources

metamer: edt: TestExtendedDataTableFilteringBuiltIn tests stabilization in popup template (RFPL-4115)

metamer: placeholder: tests stabilization (RFPL-4115)

metamer: autocomplete: delete input manually, prevent ViewExpiredExceptions, set multiple attributes at once (RFPL-4115)

metamer: contextMenu: stabilizing test in popup template (RFPL-4115)

webdriver utils: ElementIsFocused condition fixed to work with focused body element

metamer: tree: stabilized TestTreeLoadingFacet in popup template (RFPL-4115)

qa: RichFaces version changed to 4.5.14-SNAPSHOT

metamer: validator: scroll to popup before resizing

metamer: validator: guard http

metamer: validator: guard submitAjax

metamer: validator: scroll to selection element before interacting

metamer: validator: prevent ViewExpiredExceptions

metamer: validator: prevent ViewExpiredExceptions

Metamer: validator: stabilize tests in popup template

metamer: focusManager test stabilizing