Ondra Chaloupka

Adding few details under chapter of configuration options

Showcase of using transactional driver - recovery additions

For the transactiona-driver-standalone quickstart cleaning the recovery

functionality and adding a simple XAResourceRecovery class

for further presentation.

Showcase of using transactional driver

plus changing structure of the transactional driver

to be under one folder

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[JBTM-2972] fix test and pooling fix

[JBTM-2973] direct recoverable connection to be recoverable

when try to commit fails with RETRY. Then recoverable should be still

saved in object store in way that recovery manager is capable to

deserialize it and use it for committing.

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unifying dependencies versions over the quickstart for not downloading so much data

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Showcase of using transactional driver

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Showcase of using transactional driver


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Showcase of using transactional driver

[JBTM-2932] lra cdi checker add waiting a while to be sure weld container was stopped

[JBTM-2954] fix of status code on getStatus to be correct when lra is active - 204 is expected

LRA fixes to follow the changes in narayana and spec

there was renaming being part of PR: https://github.com/jbosstm/microprofile-sandbox/pull/8

and it's needed to change the API calls here too

moving api to lraclient

LRA classes renaming to comply PR#8 microprofile spec changes

[JBTM-2951] client providers are registered twice - by annotation and by descriptor - using only descriptors

adding files to .gitignore which are created by quickstart build

fixes to smoother run of the lra quickstart

* having the PVC being created automatically in the minishift.sh script

* getting rid of WARNINGs

2017-11-01 13:16:21,213 WARN [org.jboss.weld.Validator] (MSC service thread 1-1) WELD-001471: Interceptor method initController defined on class io.narayana.rts.lra.demo.tripcontroller.TripController is not defined according to the specification. It should not throw java.net.MalformedURLException, which is a checked exception.

at io.narayana.rts.lra.demo.tripcontroller.TripController.initController(TripController.java:0)


* when errors on trip client connection happens get some info what was

the url being contacted

* lra quickstart path fixes in minishift.sh script

[SCRIPTS ONLY] making possible to parametrize what the quickstart should be run against

[JBTM-2950] enhancing LRA logging

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[JBTM-2952] cdi rest checker do not require @Status on LRA

[JBTM-989] adding checkstyle for lra project

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[JBTM-2932] making cdi rest testcases more resilient with swarm startup timeout

changes to run wsat multi quickstar on two containers

for checking customer case CASE#01952249 there is change to set up

arquillian to use two containers to run the wsat mutli quicstart

the first container contains the tests and starts the runtime from it

the second only receives the XTS calls and joins the transaction by that

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[JBTM-2948] for failed beforeCompletion failure it could happen there is empty heuristics list which then fails with NPE

on the investigation this NPE could happen only for XTS where SubordinateATCoordinator

calls BasicAction.phase2Abort(true) where the true means report heuristics

if the report heuristics is false then the NPE will not happen

[JBTM-2610][JBTM-2880] more logs in case of troubles

[JBTM-2880] not using e.printStackTrace on jts XAResourceRecord

[JBTM-2939] assume completed for XAER_NOTA during recovery in JTS

Adding flags of _recovered and _onceAlreadyFinished which defines if the

XAResourceRecods are in recovery phase or was already tried to be

finished (which means again we are in recovery phase)

and in such case the XAER_NOTA does not means a failure

for the participant would be considered as heuristics.

lra cdi extension checking annotations incorrectly counts LRA method annotations

[JBTM-1488] adding a test for LRA join param is false