Paul Ferraro

WFLY-11155 Drop superluous dependency on javax.xml.bind.api module.

Don't wrap IAEs unnecessarily.

WFLY-11088 Deployment failure if existing HA deployment contains a common EJB class (#11703)

WFLY-11018 Upgrade JGroups to 4.0.15.Final

WFLY-11056 Singleton barrier service for @Clustered @MessageDriven EJBs should only start on-demand.

WFLY-11008 Allow auto-commit transactions once session is closed.

WFLY-10630 Use single SessionListeners instance across all SessionManagers created from the same SessionManagerFactory.

WFLY-10956 Upgrade Infinispan to 9.3.3.Final

WFLY-10736 Force blocking state transfer for client-mappings and routing caches. These have minimal state to transfer and need to perform eager writes on startup.

WFLY-10923 Workaround for UNDERTOW-1402 - ensure session is closed following ISE due to invalidated session during async request.

Be explicit about exception types.

WFLY-10917 Implement ServiceRequest.get() and join() using implicit timeout. Otherwise, these methods block forever if message is dropped by receiver.

Use shared RequestOptions instance instead of creating per execution.

Specify CommandDispatcher timeout as a Duration.

WFLY-10736 Increase retry intervals for startup cache operations up to lock acquisition timeout.

WFLY-10907 Services providing legacy singleton policy capabilities must be installed using legacy MSC API.

WFLY-10233 Restore SingletonBackupServiceTestCase, following WFLY-10814 fix.

WFLY-10893 JGroups subsystem parser not properly validating required attributes for protocol archetypes

WFLY-10814 When using async dispatching, don't propagate RejectedExecutionException to command response - reply with NoSuchService instead.

WFLY-8066 Switch stack of default channel to tcp, now that the majority of our caches do not use replication.

WFLY-8066 Update transport protocol of tcp stack to use TCP_NIO2

WFLY-10783 To mainain configuration compatibility, set original port_range value when parsing schemas prior to WF11. Otherwise, migrated configuration containing facbricated channels, will encounter port conflicts at runtime, as the shared transport feature on which it previously relied no longer exists.

Don't force zero port_range for FD_SOCK as it has no associated socket-binding.

WFLY-10786 HotRodStore should fail to initialize if protocol version does not support cache creation and cache does not exist on remote servers.

Leverage ProtocolVersion.compareTo(...) when testing for protocol version specific support.

WFLY-10787 Add retry logic to populateRegistry(...) method to improve resilience of startup registries.

WFLY-10787 Add retry logic to register(...) method to improve resilience of startup singleton services.

Refresh Invoker interface and RetryingInvoker interface. Move RetryingInvoker to module. Add unit test.

Root element name shouldn't vary between schema versions.

Fix multi-schema version registration of jboss-all.xml parsers.