Van Halbert

need to remove logger in tests (#1028)

TEIID-5088 TEIID-5089 Fix when add @Cache annotation, was missing enclosing paren (#1025)

* Fix when add @Cache annotation, was missing enclosing paren

* added testcase to the fix for adding @Cache

TEIID-5009 adding the licenses to the packaging of the teiid-jdbc driver

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Version upgrades for libthrift and zookeeper

Upgrade zookeeper and libthrift and fixed an arquillian test

TEIID-4991 adding infinispan-hotrod translator and resource-adapter to the configurations

TEIID-4904 fixed saslAllowed check (#977)

fix infinispan metadata extension (#976)

Added profile to aggregate license files (#973)

BZ1417982 + TEIID-4861: ASSERTION FAILED: expected reference to be not null (fixing partitioned multi-source aggregate pushdown under join) (#966)

backporting changes to support better integration with JDG 7.1. (#965)

TEIID-4926 backport (#961)

TEIID-4917 changing teiids version of solr module to be in the teiid slot (#958)

TEIID-4914 adding cli script to install into ha and full-ha profiles, this has the change to the internal infinispan teiid cache to replicated (#957)

TEIID-4875: Planning issue with multiple aggregate decompositions through a join tree (fixing aggregate planning issue) (#955)

BZ1417982 (6.3.6) + TEIID-4901: Add parallel source query handling for when IN criteria values exceed MaxInCriteriaSize for translator (pushing large in as dependent set) (#954)

TEIID-4867 upgrading the olingo version (#948)

TEIID-2820 backport, but will only build if unit test are not run -Dmaven.test.skip=true, those will be fixed in the next commit

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Fix unit test (#946)

TEIID-4808 fix NPE due to changes related to forceCleanup being added for scaling purposes (#940)

TEIID-4468 backport

TEIID-4651 backport

TEIID-4608 backport

TEIID-4495 backporting saleforce 34 fixes

TEIID-4841 remove the jboss-logging-generator dependency, not needed

TEIID-4841 remove the jboss-logging-generator dependency, not needed

TEIID_4820 fix the feature pack kitting, to remove infinispan

TEIID_4836 back porting PrestoDB from upstream

TEID-4820 removing infinispan related translator/connectors to be moved to the jdg repo

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fix the NPE seen when the connection is being cleaned up