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64 8.12.x (#926)

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* changed version to

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TEIID-4793 fixed class loading so that the pojo doesn't require dependency to RA

pushing upstream the changes for TEIID-4736 and TEIID-4709 (#913)

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TEIID-4709 enables JDG authenticatioin and also fixes TEIID-4736 (#893)

TEIID-4718 added feature to enable HotRod client to use SSL (#879)

* TEIID-4718 added feature to enable HotRod client to use SSL

* TEIID-4718 the passwords need the masked extension

* TEIID-4718 removed the sysouts from test

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TEIID-4601 fix the issue with handling byte arrays, which includes improving data type handling in general (#876)

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TEIID-4716 add filter option so that the jdg-slot is substituted (#877)

TEIID-4581 changed for hotrod and libmode to be consistent for requiring pkField configured for enabling updates or supporting relationshipts, and that when not defined only can do reads and no relationships are supported

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TEIID-4611 fixed the logic that was failing on deletes. First, missed a return after the log message, which then threw the error message, but didn't really need the additional logic to recheck for the deleted object, so removed that extra check.

TEIID-4621 add script to install the swagger translator

TEIID-4582 enable flexibility in defining the cacheTypeMap property by supporting all delimiters being colon

TEIID-4603 Changing the logic so that when an insert of the root object is to be done, the get(key) method is called, instead of using the DSL searching. This will ensure an object is returned and an exception is thrown due to a duplicate object with this key already exist.

TEIID-4588 and TEIID-4597 fixed the issue when materialization is determined for exposing metadata and fixed the issue related to duplicate columns due to reusing columns from the primary table, need to create unique columns for the staging table

TEIID-4588 changes the metadata processor to create unique tables and columns for the staging table, TEIID-4590 changed select ALL logic to so that a single cache can contain multiple root pojo's that can separate resource-adapters for access the data

TEIID-4590 change the getAll logic in hotrod and libmode connectors to search the cache based on the pojo defined for that resource-adapter (#833)

fix test issue due to using jdk 1.8, needed 1.7

JDG changes for 6.3.2 patch

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TEIID-4510 fix the method getMaxFromGroups()to return 1, so that each table is independently queried and the results are joined in the teiid engine

TEIID-4478 Missed one location where it should have been calling the new findMethod(..) so that it handles any case of names

TEIID-4492 added ChildClasses option for configuring all pojos using protubuf annotations

TEIID-4456 changes to enable nested and non-nested protobuf messages and TEIID-4478 now fixes the 1-to-1 relationship support, which needed the TEIID-4456 changes

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TEIID-4472 adding cli scripts for installing into ha and full-ha configurations

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TEIID-4351 changed to support 1-to-1 relationships, which then required further changes to support 1-to-many. Also, improved ClassRegistry and managing of methods so that consistent logic for finding a method for either reads or writes is done the same.

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TEIID-4409 the option to determine if configured to annotations can now be determined from the connection, so this can be automatic, without a translator override

TEIID-4333 changed to use a Version comparable pattern and updated pom.xml to use environment variable for the infinidipan version dependencies

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Updated infinispan to version 8.0.3, which is the version that's in the jdg-7.0 slot in the eap module kits

TEIID-4333 changed so supportsCompareCriteriaOrdered is set based on JDG version that is determined at runtime based on the version of the cache accessed. Also, cleaned up libmode to remove old code related to remote cache that is now fully supported under hotrod.

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TEIID-4358 adding dependencies to support 2 prior versions: JDG 6.6 and 6.5

TEIID-4307 changed to support the use of NameInSource for matching to the Pojo, so that the name of the table can be changed to anything the user needs

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TEIID-4319 changed the inclusion of the Object column to be controlled by import property