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File UIDesktopPage.gtmpl deleted 6105243 Trong Tran
File UIPage.gtmpl d63107b Peter Palaga
File UIPageBody.gtmpl 3f84a5f Peter Palaga
File UIPageBrowser.gtmpl deleted b9b3362 Julien Viet
File UIPageCreateDescription.gtmpl deleted 6a83d78 tanpd <>
File UIPagePreview.gtmpl deleted b9b3362 Julien Viet
File UIPageSearchForm.gtmpl cb68856 Juraci Paixao Kroehling
File UIPageSelector.gtmpl a614809 phuong_vu <>
File UIPageSelector2.gtmpl deleted ea352f3 Minh Hoang TO
File UIPageTemplateOptions.gtmpl aaaaeee Lucas Ponce <>
File UISiteBody.gtmpl 3f84a5f Peter Palaga
File UIWizardPageSelectLayoutForm.gtmpl aaaaeee Lucas Ponce <>
File UIWizardPageSetInfo.gtmpl a614809 phuong_vu <>
File UIWizardPageWelcome.gtmpl deleted 51ad8ff Minh Hoang TO