The rich:dropDownMenu component provides hierarchical menu systems similar to those found in many desktop applications.

The drop-down menu has a label that always appears on the page, and an invisible panel that appears after a set client-side event. Use the showEvent attribute to define the event, such as mouseover or click.

Drop-down menus can contain a set of rich:menuItem components, rich:menuGroup components, and rich:menuSeparator components. Menu groups are used for secondary levels on the menu. Menu separators are represented with horizontal lines between items or groups. Menu items are active elements that might produce Ajax or non-Ajax requests. The submission mode is defined with mode attribute, which has three possible options: server, ajax, or client. The client mode does not submit a request, but allows you to provide your own functionality inside the menu item with any in-line content. The mode attribute can be over-ridden in child items.