RichFaces 4.x provides a clean api for popup panels and added non-modal state, so now its easy to use the popup panel for login, and seach panels. The examples below show both variants; login, and search, but of coarse you could use any content you wanted.

At the bottom of the page is a description and information for RichFaces 3.3.X users who used rich:dropDownMenu components to accomplish this same task. If that was you - it is worth a read.

The rich:popupPanel also allows you to pass options to the JavaScript show method such as: min/max width and height, specific width and height, top and left positions for the panel. So with rich:hashParam it's really simple to build declarative calls for the panel which can use dynamic properties.

In RichFaces 3.3.x many developers used the rich:dropDownMenu component for creation of Search/Login popups attached to toolbars. There were two main reasons for this:

But that approach also has some disadvantages:

We think that the new features of the rich:popupPanel are an excellent replacement for this and hope you will consider updating to it.