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Route to be executed when all other choices evaluate to false


The Otherwise pattern is part of a content based router. It is the fall back path taken after all of the when patterns are not chosen.

The Otherwise pattern must come after a Choice pattern. It cannot be the last pattern in a route.


Table 48, “Otherwise Properties” describes the properties you can specify using the properties editor.

Table 48. Otherwise Properties



Specifies a text description for the node. This description is included in the generated XML file, but it is informational only. It is not used by Apache Camel.


Specifies a unique identifier for the endpoint.

The tooling automatically generates an id for a node when it is created, but you can remove that id or replace it with your own. The Camel debugger requires all nodes with a breakpoint set to have a unique id.

You can use the id to refer to endpoints in your Camel XML file.