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added a method on CommandInvocation to make it easier to print the help msg

[AESH-452] delay parsing until we execute.

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further generics cleanup

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make sure printHelp works for nested group commands

added copyright

make sure we generate correct json and able to create new files

[AESH-501] improve the generated help message

with the refactoring we've breaked the api so we're forced to do a 2.0 version

Merge pull request #304 from thescouser89/print-help-group

printHelp in CommandRuntime should consider full param string

printHelp in CommandRuntime should consider full param string

In `CommandRuntime`, once we get the desired `CommandContainer` object

for method `commandInfo`, we should pass the full 'line' String to


If the CommandContainer is a group command, the `printHelp` method

accepts multiple tokens in the parameter to help it find the correct

child parser (or sub-command/sub-groupcommand) to invoke the `printHelp`


for e.g the 'line' string can be: 'main-group sub-group'

With the change in that commit, the CommandContainer for 'main-group'

will figure out that we want to find the child parser of 'sub-group' to

print its help text.

fixes build issues by the merge

refactored most of the command api, try to reduce the number of warnings user might get when using the api

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1.12 dev cycle

graal reflection file generation

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Merge pull request #303 from thescouser89/fixoutput

Put description in its own line for cli printHelp

Put description in its own line for cli printHelp

The old behaviour of printing the help text is as follows:


Usage: command description




This is confusing because in the 'Usage' line, we're expecting the

cli-options to appear, and one might think that 'description' is a CLI

sub-command instead of the description itself (especially if the

description is short).

Instead, this commit puts the description in a new line to avoid this



Usage: command





initial start to have æsh generate a reflectconfig for graal

make sure the command actually writes out the completion file

bash completion should work now

initial commit for bash file completion generation

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version 1.11

give a more descriptive error msg when æsh encounters an unexpected input word for child commands

changed MutableCommandRegistry to throw CommandRegistryException instead of ParserException to distinguish better the usage of them

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improve the runtimeexample to accept options and values

added more tests for shortnames with value and now space

1.11 dev cycle

version 1.10

the release tag doesnt work on java8, use source/target instead

update poms so they work with (open)jdk11, the target ouput is still java8 (for now)

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Merge pull request #302 from jfdenise/master

Fix for AESH-495, Paging line buffer crash if resizing the terminal c…