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make sure we generate correct reflection json files

changed Shell.readline(String) to a default method

added Shell.readline(String)

fixes #311

updated æsh so it works with the changes in readline, there should not be any conflicting packages now

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selectors that are booleans with no value should be able to be selectors as well

added multiSelect functionality

added 'interactive' to AeshRuntimeRunner. for standalone commands that need to interact with the user, this setting should be used.

lets use System.console for default input/output in runtime

make sure selectorType is never null

added a selector to easily create a selection dialog, also supported through options/arguments

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Merge pull request #308 from metacosm/improvements


refactor: use AeshRuntimeRunner instead

fix: improper command name

fix: make error handling more helpful

refactor: use firstWord method to simplify

fix: improve error message when argument is missing.

2.4 dev cycle

version 2.3

use readline 1.17

Merge pull request #307 from thescouser89/minor-fix-pom

Minor fixes to pom.xml

Merge pull request #306 from thescouser89/subcommand-alignment

Align command name and command description and add color

dependency-reduced-pom updated to 2.2

This was autogenerated from a mvn install command

Remove maven-compiler plugin from pom.xml

As per:

if we specify the property we don't need to define the plugin configuration.

Align command name and command description and add color

version 2.2

make sure we use the parsedCommand when we printHelp for runtime apps

version 2.1

updated runner and added tests

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make sure we also check that runtime is null