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Use correct path

Add more macros

Some cleanups

Make sure stat behaves as close to unixes as possible

Add flag for posix safe flags

Don't break on windows paths

Add glob test

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    • +49
Try with stack buffers

Test main module exports

Cleanup errors so that valgring doesn't report too many leeks

Add support for opening current module

Whole bunch of conversions... Deal with that later

Add common posix utils

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    • +98
Add glob

    • -0
    • +975
Implement win32 to/from_posix

Add special path converter

Add more macros and defines

Add option for error report

Rename filename to basename_c

Implement win32 to_posix

Add to_posix

Use macros for common code

Add missing cast

Add missing darwin bits

Use correct buffer

gcc can't have extern C and static

Fix typos

Ensure we always have file_type

Add match mode directory read methods

Fix memory aaloc