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JBTM-1495 Merge the BlackTie repo into the Narayana one

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JBTM-1733 decode the url of directory path

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Make sure we check for JBOSS_HOME

JBTM-1623 reduce the amount of memory required

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JBTM-1623 update to increase jvm memory

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Merge pull request #27 from zhfeng/BLACKTIE-398

BLACKTIE-398 Make the default communication with the transaction manager over REST-TX

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BLACKTIE-398 update to replace mongoose with apr socket

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Updated to set JBOSSAS_IP_ADDR if it is not set by the user

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BLACKTIE-400 build against an AS7 with narayana in it

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BLACKTIE-400 AS720 requires a number and none-alphanumeric

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JBTM-1072 Get hudson to comment on pull requests as they are tested

Debug how much memory is available

Updated to split out the queuing feature into its own project and to merge export and include into a single folder for simplicity

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BLACKTIE-385 shutdown the server after the build

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JBTM-385 moved the quickstarts the the joint narayana quickstart project

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