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Make install/submit usable as OSGi bundles.

Add maven-bundle-plugin instructions so as to generate

minimal OSGi MANIFEST metadata.

All packages in both jars are exported.

Resolves BYTEMAN-305.

Merge pull request #34 from jerboaa/fix_install_via_property

Fix agent jar lookup when system property is used.

Fix agent jar lookup when system property is used.

Instead of skipping to set the agentJar instance variable via

locateAgentFromHomeDir(bmHome) go down the same branch as if

the ENV variable was used.

Resolves BYTEMAN-303

fix and test case for BYTEMAN-302

fxed cut and paste error which affects correctness of BYTEMAN-289

corrected printing of rule scripts and rule instances

rule script and rule should print imports

rule should print helper class

compile/nocompile directive should precede location clause

support COMPILE/NOCOMPILE directives in rules/scripts -- implements BYTEMAN-289

rolled over versions to next snapshot release

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rolled version numbers round for 3.0.3 release

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[BYTEMAN-306] Fix JavaDoc information for modules codes.

Merge pull request #32 from doctau/module-system

Module system

Implement a module system to support JBoss Modules

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BYTEMAN-300 - Convert documentation to AsciiDoc

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cleaned up block print code

rolled over versions to 3.0.3-SNAPSHOT

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Documented javaagent policy option and bminstall -s flag -- fixes BYTEMAN-295

rolled versions over for 3.0.2 release

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Print bytecode positions in CFG dump

improve formatting for CFG dump

Fix propagated enter sorting condition -- fixes BYTEMAN-299

added pretty printing for try catch details

simplified shadowing computation and added extra CFG trace

Distinguish between boolean and int local vars -- fixes BYTEMAN-298

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Correct try-catch block shadowing detection error -- fixes BYETMAN-297

This fixes an error in the code which tests whether a given try-catch

blocks casts a shadow on an outer try-catch block with the same

exception type. Shadow regions limit exception flow and, consequently,

restrict progagation of open monitorenters to handler blocks.

The error arose because Byteman was only checking try-catch regions to

see fi they shadowed regions starting at an earlier bytecode position.

Byteman also needs to check whether try-catch regions shadow other

try-catch regions starting at the same bytecode position.

remove double dash from comment

Fixed pom to use Sonatype server for normal and snapshot upload

rolled version round to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT also patched pom to allow upload of snapshots to sonatype snapshot repo

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Merge pull request #31 from mrietveld/pr-BYTEMAN-296

BYTEMAN-296 - NPE thrown because type is null in some situations

use rule key not just rule name as identifier tag in debug statements

BYTEMAN-296 - NPE thrown because type is null in some situations