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added and documented new location specifier AT THROW <count> plus modified toastcheck script to pass TOAST_JAVA_OPTS to the JVM

corrected erroneous error text and added final error count printout in offline rule type checker programformat problem in error text

corrected erroneous error text and added final error count printout in offline rule type checker program

removed trace echo

script enabling TOAST rules to be type checked offline -- just supply a classpath and a list of script files

added support for rules to log trace output to files and updated docs accordingly

added Counter built-ins, upgraded error trace messages from rule agent and improved docs including adding section on Counter built-ins

Defined System property org.jboss.jbossts.orchestration.verbose which can be set on the JVM command line (using -D) to enable display of trace messages generated by the rule agent and the rule execution engine.

Modified transformer to cache the value of thsis flag at bootstrap and

made all current verbose output from the agent and execution engine

conditional upon the flag being set.

Fixed problem which led to NullPointerException when rule location was

defaulted to AT ENTRY (location object attached to rule was null)

Fixed problem with AT ENTRY and AT LINE locations whcih caused a

NullPointerException when generating the transformed bytecode for a

constructor method (trigger call was nto being generated which caused

the bytecode writer to trip up on a catch block with no start and end


Fixed problem where defaulting of location type (AT ENTRY) caused null pointer exception

Fixed bug in type helper which was stopping method names with empty

signatures (e.g. get() or foo.get()) being recognised.

Corrected problem in tokenizer/parser where terms like $ where

not being recognised because the characters 0. were being tokenised as

a float. Tokenizer now identifies $<integer_literal> or $<identifier>

as a single token rather than applying $ as a unary prefix operator to

the next term.

Added option to switch on debug trace in CUP parser by setting System

property org.jboss.jbossts.orchestration.rule.debug. To make this work

properly this required:

Modified parser to use class PrintableSymbol` instead of Symbol.

Provided an implementation of PrintableSymbol which prints the symbol

name and associated value rather than just a numeric idx.

Specialised parser debug print routines called by debug_parse so that

they stop printing symbol numeric idxs and rely on the toString method

to print the symbol.

more typos

more typos

added example use of return and throw

added missing class name

added missing class name

updated to document AND operator

updated to correctname for debug method

updated to note that the agent now only excludes java.lang and orchestraton package classes

corrected a few details int the README

corrected a few details int the README

allowed transfomer to insert rules in any code other than java.lang classes -- it used to only allow rules to be added to org.jboss or com.arjuna code

updated README to include new locatoj specs and refer to copyright file

modified scripts so they no longer rley on line numbers

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modified manual to include new location type specifiers

adding copyright file as mentioned in headers

modified to allow various extra specifiers for where to place the trigger point besides (AT) LINE

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removed redundant methdos and constructors

minor changes to programmers guide and updated pdf to match

removed redundant annotation classes and relocated parser/typechecker test class

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corrected an error in the line number checking which was placing the trigger call after the specified line rather than at it

updated line numbers after modifying XTS code (these scripts really need to move into the XTS tree :-)

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