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made check adapters barf on native method - fixes BYTEMAN-109

patched to account for frame entries which were being overlooked -- fixes BYTEMAN-108

hmm, doc changed? resaving just in case -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

documented helper lifecycle support -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

added helper lifecycle support and added implementation of lifecycle methods which generate debug trace to the default helper. still needs documenting in th euser guide -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

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    • +139
documented addition of $@ variable -- fixes BYTEMAN-103

emabled use $@ to refer to called method argument array in AT INVOKE rules fixes BYTEMAN-103. n.b. this required serious rewriting of local variable allocation support. still needs documenting in the user guide

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    • +105
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    • +24
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added missing stack management API methods - fixes BYTEMAN-104

added a few missing helper stack management API combinations for consistency and documented APIs -- fixes for BYTEMAN-104

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    • +150
made stack management API consistent and corrected errors in javadoc -- still need to update the user guide

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    • +333
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moved stack trace helper code from sample jar into default helper and added extra methods for matching caller stack farmes -- still needs documenting -- partial fix for BYTEMAN-104

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corrected type check method -- fixes BYTEMAN-106

fixed up incorrect AT ENTRY rule ordering and added test to check order for ENTRY and READ/WRITE location types -- fixes BYTEMAN-105

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    • +10
modified semantics of $* to include this in slot 0 of array -- fixes BYTEMAN-102

corrected wrong name in copyright file

corrected defaulting of arguments to trace routine

documented introduction of special variables $!, $^, $# and $* -- fixes BYTEMAN-102 and BYTEMAN-88

added support for new builtin vars $^, $* and $# which are bound to the current throwable on the trigger method stack, an array containing the current values of all the trigger method parameters and a count of the number of trigger method parameters. obviously $^ is only valid in an AT THROW rule. None of these variables are currently assignable. fixes BYTEMAN-101 and BYTEMAN-88

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fixed type conversion from Numeric to String so it plants a call to toString() -- fixes BYTEMAN-101

upgrade junit to 4.8.2 BYTEMAN-100

modified Submit class so that it retains order of rules scritps when installing rules -- fixes for BYTEMAN-98

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    • +30
    • -31
    • +149
allowed HELPER lines outside of rules to specify the helper for subsequent rules when they do not provide their own definition -- also ensured that HELPER inside a RULE does not propagate through to later rules fixes BYTEMAN-96 and BYTEMAN-97

allowed numeric literals to appear where a java.lang.Object is expected. Also fixed an error in the type table where it was failing to install some of the built in object types in the table and then ended up creating more than one copy of the type foiling tests on those types which rely on == working -- fixes BYTEMAN-95

documented -p <package> flag to bytemancheck

added -p <package> flag to so that the type checker can be provided with one or more packages in which to lookup classes for rules whose CLASS is not package qualified e.g. if a rule has CLASS myClass then supplying -p org.myOrg and org.myOrg.internal will mena that the type checker tries to check the rule against class org.myOrg.myClass or,if that is not found, against class org.myOrg.internal.myClass

documented use of ALL in location specifiers -- fixes for BYTEMAN-92

fixes for BYTEMAN-93

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    • +35
updated syntax for READ, WRITE, INVOKE, SYNCHRONIZE or THROW location specifiers to include the keyword ALL in place of a count causing injection at all occurences in the target method -- fixes for BYTEMAN-92

    • -39
    • +58
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creating tag from 1.2. branch

recreating 1.2. branch from latest trunk