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rolled over versions to next snapshot release 3.0.6-SNAPSHOT

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rolled version round to 3.0.5 prior to release

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Switch to asciidoc and add misssing content - completes fix for BYTEMAN-289,BYTEMAN-313, BYTEMAN-237

changed all occurrences of new XXX to XXX.valueOf for boxed numeric types XXX

ensure AT EXCEPTION EXIT rules check their bindings -- fix for BYTEMAN-237

enhancing dtest Instrumentor to work with 'INTERFACE' in all its methods

corrected fork attributes in failsafe test specifications

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fix for BYTEMAN-320

fix jdk9 javadoc generation issue

corrections to javadoc

corrected more typos

corrected typos

corrected errors in javadoc

provided vesion for gpg plugin

tweaked layout so versionis in the title

Merge pull request #37 from ochaloup/dtest-instrumentation-enhancement

Enhancement of dtest instrumentation tooling - fixes BYTEMAN-317

updated versions for new doc and asciidoc poms to latets snapshot

Merge pull request #35 from mrietveld/pr-asciidoc

BYTEMAN-300 - Convert documentation to AsciiDoc

Use return type to filter candidate method implentations -- fixes BYTEMAN-310

Fixing this required a cleanup of the way BIND declaration types are

propagated through to the type checker as the expected type for the

associated initializer expression. In particular, it allows the

declaration type to be resolved in many cases where it is mentioned

without its package qualifier.

interpreter must rebox when initializer requires numeric conversion -- part of fix for BYTEMAN-316

when a numeric result is used to initialize a numeric BIND var

the initializaton may require a numeric type conversion. the

interpreter works only in the boxed realm so in such cases it

needs to to do a corresponding conversion from one boxed type

to another. this case was observed during fixing of BYTEMAN-316

and the fix here forms part of the fix for that issue.

test for LinkMap builtins -- part of fix for BYTEMAN-313

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support Numeric to non-Numeric EQ/NE tests -- fixes BYTEMAN-316

Merge pull request #42 from rachmatowicz/linkMap

Add linkMap API and a default linkMap to the default Helper class. fix for BYTEMAN-313

fix for BYTEMAN-315

corrected Helper.out and Helper.err to use dotraceln instead of dotrace

Merge pull request #43 from doctau/BYTEMAN-307

[BYTEMAN-307] Allow the import list to be cleared by using 'IMPORT' alone

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corrected trace stream id type to Object for consistency with other uses

Initial changes for BYTEMAN-294

Rerouted all existing debug and trace stream builtins to underlyng

implementation provided by these private static methods:

private static boolean doTraceOpen(Object identifier, String fileName)

private static boolean doTraceClose(Object identifier)

private static boolean dotrace(Object identifier, String message)

private static boolean dotraceln(Object identifier, String message)

also included this extra implementation method

private static void doTraceException(String id, Throwable th)

Implemented public static API allowing Byteman agent to drive the same

private static trace stream functions:

public static boolean out(String message)

public static boolean verbose(String msg)

public static boolean noisy(String msg, int flags)

public static void outTraceException(Throwable th)

public static void errTraceException(Throwable th)

public static void verboseTraceException(Throwable th)

public static void noisyTraceException(Throwable th, int flags)

n.b. the noisy methods are nto complete. they need to be supplemented

with the flag argument identifying the noisy trace class(es) that the

message belongs to and logic to filter messages according to whether

tracing for the given class is enabled.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Dinn <>

roll over pom versions to next snapshot release

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Fix Testhelper-compiled test to use correct test code