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added table oif contents

added a programmers manual, a few more builtins a a prototype of a script for participant recovery which is currently not workgin thanks to a problem in JBossWS

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added return expression as a rule action allowing a return from the triggering method at the point of the trigger call

mentioned use of offline rule type checker program

switched to using test rule scripts instead of annotations. added more rules to test scenario to improve readability and clean up. enabled comments in scripts using # prefix

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fixed error in typing static fields, modified line number display and patched example rules to reference final static integer field constants by name rather than specify numeric values

added extra rules to test scenario to trace transaction replay and patched type checker/interpreter to fix errors uncovered by those rules

updated README

first working version of rule triggering and rule execution (via interpretation)

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proofed and corrected README

basic documentation of the orchestration package

partial build of test orchestration tool -- still missing rule type checker and code generator

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