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moved everything to package org.jboss.byteman and udpated all documents, scripts and other names to refer Byteman

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added missing junit jar

major reworking of trigger injection code to deal with complications when triggers are inserted inside synchronized blocks -- includes revision of test code

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added tests for method invocations and fixed parser bugs to do with static method invocations

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added tests for field operations and fixed various compilation bugs turned up by running those tests

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added tests for logical operations, fixed bug in parsing/type checking ?= operator and modified parser/typechecker to display file and line number for offending expressions when parse or type errors occur

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added tests of java arithmetic operations to tests dir and fixed bugs found by them

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omitted ant build script to build and run tests

added support for local variable references in rules and added initial set of unit tests which check that location specifiers work oky -- all tests pass except the one for AT THROW which fails because of an error in counting throws added due to the presence of synchronized blocks

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added rendezvous operations to Helper and documented them. also corrected operation of debug builtin to respect system property settings as advertised in the documentation

added file containing licenses and version info for thirdparty code

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updated manual pdf to be in line with odt source

included details of how to use the compiler tp README and manual and updated the docs on signalWake/Kill to explain the optional argument mustMeet

modified waitFor and sigalWake/Kill so that it is possibel to delay the signaller until there is at least one waiting thread

modified waitFor and sigalWake/Kill so that it is possibel to delay the signaller until there is at least one waiting threadsrc/org/jboss/jbossts/orchestration/synchronization/

fixed some errors in the compiler

included first cut of rule compilation -- enabled by setting property org.jboss.jbossts.orchestration.compileToBytecode

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documented use of HELPER to supply a user-defined helper and how helpers work to define built-in operations

added and amended copyrights

modified rule language to allow plug-in capability for the helper class which defines the rule language built-ins. added compiler class which specialises the helper to provide a rule interpreter specific to the built-in associated with any given rule

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added support for AT EXIT (equyivalently AT RETURN) trigger location and documented it

allow for extra java opts via setting TOAST_JAVA_OPTS

added and documented new location specifier AT THROW <count> plus modified toastcheck script to pass TOAST_JAVA_OPTS to the JVM

corrected erroneous error text and added final error count printout in offline rule type checker programformat problem in error text

corrected erroneous error text and added final error count printout in offline rule type checker program

removed trace echo

script enabling TOAST rules to be type checked offline -- just supply a classpath and a list of script files

added support for rules to log trace output to files and updated docs accordingly

added Counter built-ins, upgraded error trace messages from rule agent and improved docs including adding section on Counter built-ins

Defined System property org.jboss.jbossts.orchestration.verbose which can be set on the JVM command line (using -D) to enable display of trace messages generated by the rule agent and the rule execution engine.

Modified transformer to cache the value of thsis flag at bootstrap and

made all current verbose output from the agent and execution engine

conditional upon the flag being set.

Fixed problem which led to NullPointerException when rule location was

defaulted to AT ENTRY (location object attached to rule was null)

Fixed problem with AT ENTRY and AT LINE locations whcih caused a

NullPointerException when generating the transformed bytecode for a

constructor method (trigger call was nto being generated which caused

the bytecode writer to trip up on a catch block with no start and end