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AT NEW support -- fixes BYTEMAN-281

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AT NEW support -- fixes BYTEMAN-281

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Extra test cases to validate behaviour of fix for BYTEMAN-237

The test cases pin down the way RETURN and THROW work in AT EXCEPTION

EXIT rules, specifically how this manifests when mro ethan one AT

EXCEPTION EXIT rule is employed in the same method.

With no THROW or RETURN in the first rule an uncaught exception

passing through the target method is processed by each AT EXCEPTION

EXIT rule in turn (as exemplified by the call to method


When the first rule uses THROW the second rule is still triggered but

it is passed the exception THROWN by the first rule which need not be

the original exception (as exemplified by the call to method

testMethodMultiRule). That's contrary to existing documented behaviour

where a THROW is supposed to short-circuit further method and rule

execution with an exceptional return from the target method. This

behaviour needs special-casing in the user guide.

When the first rule uses RETURN (as exemplified by the call to method

testMethodMultiRule2) this bypasses the 2nd rule i.e. it

short-circuits further rule processing as per the existing documented


These behaviours are acceptable so long as they are properly


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Add support for exceptional exit

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reorganized code and mavenized the build

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