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changed name of submit script to bmsubmit for consistency and to avoid clashes with other apps

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added new bin script and corresponding Java client class whcih enables the agent to be uploaded to an already running program -- fixes BYTEMAN-125

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documented changes to submit command line options and system properties which configure the agent -- fixes BYTEMAN-78 and BYTEMAN-79

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added and documented -h and -p flags to submit and bmjava scripts -- fixes for BYTEMAN-60

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merged trunk changes from -r29373 to r29654 into Byteman_1_1

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updated to document -b and -s options -- fixes for BTEMAN-33

corrected problems in using devel version of bin scripts -- fixes, inter alia, BYTEMAN-51

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added missing comment chars -- fixes for BYTEMAN-33

added listener capability to uninstall rules using -u flag -- fixes for BYTEMAN-33

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initial draft of dynamic rule upload capability which attempts to fix BYTEMAN-26 and also incorporates a fix for BYTEMAN-25

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