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rolled versions up to 2.1.3-SNAPSHOT

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completed refactoring of check code fixes for BYTEMAN-190

Added ability to store info messages to RuleCheckResult

Tweaked class RuleCheck so that it will stream messages to a

printstream as well as collect them in theits RuleCheckResult

Modified TestScript class -- the one used by bmcheck -- so that it

delegates to class RuleCheck

Replaced RuleCheck.isOk() with RuleCheck.hasErrors() to be in keeping

with hasWarnings() and modified TestRuleCheck and RuleCheckMojo to use

this method to test the result.

Made TestRuleCheck print warnings as well as errors so we see at build

time which rules in the test rule set have warnigns against them.

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oops, missed this change at the last commit

moved script checker code into common package and renamed maven checker jar

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BYTEMAN-190 update to add rule check api and rulecheck-maven-plugin

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