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reorganized code and mavenized the build

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merging latest trunk changes into 1.5 branch as a prelude to releasing 1.5.1

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adding spport for TestNG testing to BMUnit -- fixes BYTEMAN-147

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upgrade junit to 4.8.2 BYTEMAN-100

updated for 1.0.3.CP02 release to include fixes for BYTEMAN-4, BYTEMAN-82, BYTEMAN-71, BYTEMAN-68

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build.xml now uses jarjar to obfuscate 3rd party packages if obfuscate.3rd.party is set to any value. build-release-pkgs.xml now ensures this is set when a release is built -- fixes BYTEMAN-4

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moved everything to package org.jboss.byteman and udpated all documents, scripts and other names to refer Byteman

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added missing junit jar

added file containing licenses and version info for thirdparty code

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added a new parser which should accept most Java syntax and does nifty stuff like operator precedence. also fixed a few bugs

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first working version of rule triggering and rule execution (via interpretation)

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partial build of test orchestration tool -- still missing rule type checker and code generator

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