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reorganized code and mavenized the build

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fixed error where the rule interpreter fails to update a method parameter on return from rule processing when it is assigned by name -- fixes BYTEMAN-162

corrected name of implementation methods for opening and closing trace streams -- fixes BYTEMAN-152

tweaked doc format, copyright notices and import lists and corrected a few comments

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enabled access to non-public fields and non-public methods in rule body -- fixes BYTEMAN-99

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
corrected minor errors in javadoc

added extra functions to builtin counter API

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added helper lifecycle support and added implementation of lifecycle methods which generate debug trace to the default helper. still needs documenting in th euser guide -- fixes for BYTEMAN-107

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added missing stack management API methods - fixes BYTEMAN-104

added a few missing helper stack management API combinations for consistency and documented APIs -- fixes for BYTEMAN-104

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made stack management API consistent and corrected errors in javadoc -- still need to update the user guide

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
moved stack trace helper code from sample jar into default helper and added extra methods for matching caller stack farmes -- still needs documenting -- partial fix for BYTEMAN-104

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added support for new builtin vars $^, $* and $# which are bound to the current throwable on the trigger method stack, an array containing the current values of all the trigger method parameters and a count of the number of trigger method parameters. obviously $^ is only valid in an AT THROW rule. None of these variables are currently assignable. fixes BYTEMAN-101 and BYTEMAN-88

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updated for 1.0.3.CP02 release to include fixes for BYTEMAN-4, BYTEMAN-82, BYTEMAN-71, BYTEMAN-68

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completed implementation of assignment operator so that updates to local, parameter or return variables (i.e. anything with a $ prefix) are written back to the trigger method stack/local var area on return from the trigger call. note this still needs documenting - fixes for BYTEMAN-81

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added support for assignment operator in rule bodies. n.b. this is stage one which does nto propagate the updates backinto the trigger call. stage two to follow. -- fixes BYTEMAN-81

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completed support for use of $! binding -- fixes BYTEMAN-78

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
implement BYTEMAN-71 through BYTEMAN-76

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merged trunk changes from -r29373 to r29654 into Byteman_1_1

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added remaining changes to ensure triggering does not happen inside the rule engine -- fixes BYTEMAN-50

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disabled triggering during rule type check and compilation. Also provided helper builtin setTriggering(boolean) which can be used to enableor disable triggering for subsequent expressions evbaluated during execution of the current rule -- partially fixes BYTEMAN-50 but still needs doc and guards againts recursive triggering in other parts of the byteman code

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backported fixes for BYTEMAN-42, BYTEMAN-38 and BYTEMAN-43 for 1.0.3.CP01 release

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added convenience methods trace(String) and traceln(String) which write a trace message to standard output -- fixes BYTEMAN-42

fixed bug in waiter code and added test for it

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added support for referring to method arguments using symbol names e.g. , etc - fixes BYTEMAN-23

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added the strings "out" and "err" as trace streams aliased to System.out and System.err -- fixes BYTEMAN-21

renamed built-in addCountDown to createCountDown but retained old name for compatibility -- fixes BYTEMAN-20

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added Joiner and associated built-ins to allow intoprduction of join dependencies between threads. also updated docs with this and with details of deleteRendezvous fixes BYTEMAN-18 and BYTEMAN-19

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
added rendezvous delete call and modified implementation and tweaked implementation to ensure that repeatable rendezvous can be safely deleted

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upated docs and tidied up a few odds and sods in the code

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.