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moved everything to package org.jboss.byteman and udpated all documents, scripts and other names to refer Byteman

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major reworking of trigger injection code to deal with complications when triggers are inserted inside synchronized blocks -- includes revision of test code

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added support for local variable references in rules and added initial set of unit tests which check that location specifiers work oky -- all tests pass except the one for AT THROW which fails because of an error in counting throws added due to the presence of synchronized blocks

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added rendezvous operations to Helper and documented them. also corrected operation of debug builtin to respect system property settings as advertised in the documentation

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modified waitFor and sigalWake/Kill so that it is possibel to delay the signaller until there is at least one waiting threadsrc/org/jboss/jbossts/orchestration/synchronization/

included first cut of rule compilation -- enabled by setting property org.jboss.jbossts.orchestration.compileToBytecode

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added and amended copyrights

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modified rule language to allow plug-in capability for the helper class which defines the rule language built-ins. added compiler class which specialises the helper to provide a rule interpreter specific to the built-in associated with any given rule

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