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corrected a few details int the README

allowed transfomer to insert rules in any code other than java.lang classes -- it used to only allow rules to be added to org.jboss or com.arjuna code

updated README to include new locatoj specs and refer to copyright file

modified scripts so they no longer rley on line numbers

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modified manual to include new location type specifiers

adding copyright file as mentioned in headers

modified to allow various extra specifiers for where to place the trigger point besides (AT) LINE

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removed redundant methdos and constructors

minor changes to programmers guide and updated pdf to match

removed redundant annotation classes and relocated parser/typechecker test class

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corrected an error in the line number checking which was placing the trigger call after the specified line rather than at it

updated line numbers after modifying XTS code (these scripts really need to move into the XTS tree :-)

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added configuraton of transformed class dumping via system properties

added a new parser which should accept most Java syntax and does nifty stuff like operator precedence. also fixed a few bugs

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version of heuristic recover script for 1.0 code (use 1.0 JaxRPC based demo to run) plus 1.0 and 1.1 scripts for two-JVM participant recovery test which can also be run using the demos

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patched errors in wait/signal code including renaming signal method to signalWake to avoid conflicts with Object.signal

added copyright notices to sources and user guide and updated version/date on the latter

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fixed NPE caused when trigger method had a null exceptions list (doh). also reorganized type check code so all rule elements are created with a reference to the rule, giving them automatic access to the bindings and type group and obviating the need to pas these as parameters to bind() and typecheck()

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removing cruft

documented use of throw expressions in rule actions

allowed throw expression in actions for exceptions in the trigger method throws list or runtime exceptions

fixed problem with handler generator code and stack size recomputation

pdf derived from odt file

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proofed programmers guide and provided clearer names for some methods in the implementation

formatted title page

added table oif contents

added a programmers manual, a few more builtins a a prototype of a script for participant recovery which is currently not workgin thanks to a problem in JBossWS

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added return expression as a rule action allowing a return from the triggering method at the point of the trigger call

mentioned use of offline rule type checker program

switched to using test rule scripts instead of annotations. added more rules to test scenario to improve readability and clean up. enabled comments in scripts using # prefix

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