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Run tests in parallel for specified modules

* running tests in multiple forks results

in significant speed-up

* only some modules are able to run tests in

parallel, others like -jpa would need to be

fixed first to not depend on each other.

* it also makes most sense for modules which build

time is high (most of the time is spent in tests).

(cherry picked from commit d3cced001ca08d4b39858f47129f29af15d17cb8)

drools-beliefs: remove no-op config from POM

drools-pmml: plugin versions are inherited from parent

distribution: include Drools dependencies in examples classpath

distribution: clean-up assembly file

* add missing jars (pmml, beliefs, scorecards)

* minor tweaks to assembly file

distribution: fix formatting in pom and assembly

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Merge pull request #469 from psiroky/drools-558

[DROOLS-558] remove use of internal XStream helper class + minor clean-up

Merge pull request #467 from psiroky/drools-812

[DROOLS-812] properly close InputStreams

[DROOLS-664] allow out of pattern oopath

[DROOLS-539] make runExamples.bat work OOTB

* the "java" command is not on PATH when users

have only JRE installed. The script now looks

in other places as well before failing

* thanks @geoffrey for the solution

Minor clean-up of XStreamJSon class

[DROOLS-558] don't use internal XStream helper class

[DROOLS-812] properly close InputStreams

[DROOLS-860] Fix retraction of a traited object

Add dependency on jaxb-core

* the jaxb-impl was split into two: jaxb-impl and jaxb-core

so we need to depend on both to make the dependant modules


Adding possibility to create Clear commands using CommandFactory.

Adding possibility to create Clear commands using CommandFactory.

(cherry picked from commit 8b7d6e33cf3c6bb6f59738663b82097505ea9eb1)

[DROOLS-664] implement indexed access in oopath constraints

[DROOLS-854] set pomModel when cloning a KieModule for incremental compilation

[DROOLS-751] fix race condition in propagation queue

(cherry picked from commit 4ed10fac9397fbeec68d92e5f672b69c923a8599)



[DROOLS-751] fix race condition in propagation queue

[DROOLS-852] fix DrlDumper for sliding windows

GUVNOR-2176 : Guided decision table verification and validation

[DROOLS-849] avoid StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when a kjar contains a file directly under its root

[DROOLS-848] add missing org.hibernate.exception import to drools-persistence-jpa osgi manifest

BZ-1241358 - SingleSessionCommandService Interceptor stack is lost when rollback

BZ-1241358 - SingleSessionCommandService Interceptor stack is lost when rollback

(cherry picked from commit 7ffc62aa554f5884064b81ee80078e35e3833006)

[DROOLS-839] fix LogicTransformer with Accumulate

[BZ-1242010] ignore comments in rule templates

Merge pull request #459 from mrietveld/new-ecj-compiler-constructor

BPMSPL-151 - Change Impact prediction (preparation work on fully resolving imports in rules files)