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WIP (#2390)

DROOLS-4173 DMN composite recursive ItemDefinition (#2386)

DROOLS-4183 Wrong placed logback conf causes user logging conf ignored (#2391)

[DROOLS-4175] Error in compiling BigLiteral binding as literal (#2388)

* Two failing tests

* Avoid try to parse a String as a BigDecimal or BigInteger literal if it's a declaration

* Better fix

[DROOLS-4104] Mvel-compiler (#2381)

* First commit

Some data type

First two phases

Some design

Rules of the game

Improved visitors

Copy and pasted solution

Removed inlinecast

Removed other classes

Algorithm explained

Other possible phases

Try to parse only types

First commit

Removed imperative assignment

Create type information phase



Test runnning

Removed phase

Moved packages

Moved packages

Moved context



New Phase

Refactor test

* New test

* Flatten phase

* Avoid flatten

* Inverted phase 2 and 3

* Process first node using the tree

* Navigating tree?

* JavaParser utilities

* Removed javaparser-utilities

* Removed javaparser-utilities

* Removed stream

* Only one phase, visiting the tree

* Moved error message

* Refactor

* Error message

* Reintroduced original grammar to support block

* Disabled comma expression in grammar, they should be only inside a modify block

* Variable declaration

* Multiple statements

* Refactor test

* Convert property access mixed

* Test modify

* Correct mvel modify syntax

* Renamed to DroolsConstraintParserTest.java

* New test in parser for modify

* Support MVEl modify statements

* Fix consequence

* Removed attach_pid files from git

* Modify is a statement, not an expression

* First draft of modify compiling

* testSetter

* StringLiteralExpressionT.java

* Removed duplicated test

* Method to find the stter

* Split among LHS and RHS

* String literal expression

* setter test passing, every other test failing

* Fixed property test

* Create a new declaration if missing

* Modify test

* Added transitive depedency

* Removed useless code

* Removed dependency from Drools Model Compiler

* Plugged in mvel compiler

* Refactor renaming

* Type is optional now

* Missing the scope from field accessors

* Public field accessor

* Pass scope instead of stack in context

* Refactor

* added todo

* Fix scope

* Refactor

* Uncompiled expression

* Plugged mvel compiler, found problems with modify and semicolons

* Added support for semicolon in mvel modify syntax

* Ignored test

* Added test

* Fix 7.20

* Preprocess methodcallexpr in modify statements

* sanitize single line scripts

* Plugged in compiler, removed validation of mvel scripts

* testAccessor ForArguments

* Better default method

* Fix testAccessorInArguments, broke other tests

* Fix all tests

* Removed println

* Better semicolons

* Semicolon sanitizier

* Also propagate errors

* Removed useless test

* Fix type in binary expressions

* Better sanitizier for modify

* Better sanitizer 2

* Do not append ; to empty strings

* Added modify object among modified properties

* Implement update with modify blocks

* Type resolver

* Better test

* Added trace of LHS

* Create new reference when missing

* Assume only one variable per decorator, removed declaration/declarator dualism

* testInitializerArrayAccess

* TypedExpression is an interface rather than an abstract class

* Map conversion

* testMixArrayMap and testMVELConsequenceWithMapsAndArray

* Test without semicolon

* Without semicolon test

* Fix rebase

* Fix hardcoded version

* Better test without semicolon

* simple test without semicolon

* Another test with method call

* Another test with method call

* Fix comment in GeneratedDrlConstraintParserTokenManagerBase.java

* Failing test with comment

* Test with comments passing

* Unignored test with comments

* New test for single line statement

* Single line block with comment with both and without semicolon

* Support empty statements with only new line

* All test passing

* Fix ModifyPreprocessPhase.java

* Fix first modify rewrite code, removed custom modify parsing

* Support new line in argument list

* Removed debug mode

* test property reactivity

* Fix modify empty block

* Fix new lines in argument list

* Removed SemicolonSanitizer.java

* Fix property reactivity

* Avoid processing nested methodCallExpr in modify setters

* fix NPE

* Refactor Mvel rewrite

* Removed mvel validation

* Removed unused import

* Fix AccumulateTest.testAccumulateMVELWithModify

* Fixed testNoLoopAccumulate

* Support target type when RHS type is missing

* Fix all AccumulaTest

* ImportsTest

* New test for EOL in BinaryExpr

* Support EOL after binary expr token

* Fix Nesting Test added new test for BinaryExpr with newLine

* Support variable declaration without initializer

* Fix StreamTest, correct drools scope

* Support arbitrary expressions in modify block

* Cep test, 4 tests left

* Better test

* Test for crashing pretty printer

* Fix rebase

* Added new test for new line expressions

* Added two new tests

* Fix typo

* Added negative test

* Formatting

* renamed test

* With statement support

* Constructor in with statement

* Correct implementation of with preprocessor

* Refactor

* Recurse over ModifyProcessor

* Fix MapInitializationDrools3800 by recursing the modify preprocessor

* Fix MapInitializationDrools3800 by recursing the modify preprocessor

* Use mvel compiler instead of ExpressionTyper during parsing of Mvel Accumulate Nodes

* Fix NPE

* Compilation after updating JP

* Fix mvel compiler dependency

* Fix version

* minimalized reproducer

* AST reproducer

* Compare reproducer with AssertJ

* Compare AST with diff, more similar

* Even more similar

* Avoid sharing static nodes that breaks the pretty printer

* Removed debugPrettyPrinter

* Reintroduced needed class generation

* Fix testPrettyPrinterCrashing

* Reverted model writer

* Revert packagemodel

* Reverted packageModel

* Removed PrettyPrinterTest.java

* Reverted ExpressionTyperTest.java

* Removed README.MD

* Duplication of removal of EmptyStmt

* Fixed ModifyCompilerTest

* Fix version

* Failing test for nested modify

* Recurse over blocks in consequence, new test for failing

* Fix ordering of with preprocessor

* Removed duplication in nested Modify preprocessor and fixed ordering

* Removed TODO

* Removed unused properties

* Public fields on LHS

* Removed another TODO

* Better type check

* Removed last todo

* Dependency in -boostrap

* Unsupported cases in DorolsConstraintParserTest

* Also support window EOL

* Renamed drools-constraint-parser to drools-mvel-parser

* Fix OSGI

* Assertj to test

* Removed ignore to 3505 test

* Fix typo

* Fix trace message

* Formatting

* Removed trace

* Added README.md of the module that explains how it works

* Fix typo

* Removed currying renamed method

* Renamed modified properties to used bindings

* Typo

* Removed drlconstraintparser

* Used consumer in test, reformatting

* Unused statement

* Added some documentation

* Improved documentation of the module

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DROOLS-4164 DMN invoke PMML noname NN (and DROOLS-4157 ) (#2384)

[DROOLS-4085] Added change set xsd to avoid fetching it from the internet (#2373)

[DROOLS-4150] make FactHandles serializable (#2383)

* [DROOLS-4150] make FactHandles serializable

* [DROOLS-4150] make FactHandles serializable

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    • +41
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DROOLS-4159 DMN minor DS and related typecheck alignments (#2382)

DROOLS-4099 DMN strict mode flag realignments (#2378)

* DROOLS-4099 DMN strict mode flag realignments

realign to DMN v1.2

* Implement code review feedback

  1. … 23 more files in changeset.
DROOLS-4129 DMN BKM invocation type check (#2376)





* .

DROOLS-4075 DMN merge upstream PMML evaluators (#2370)


* x

* .

* Implement license missing detection feedback

* Fix when Resource is absolute URL kieServices#getKieClasspathContainer()

* Implement code review feedback

* implement code review feedback

* omitting local test to check for EJC dead code detection thanks for upd

* Implement code review feedback

* Introduce kie-dmn-core-osgi

* Implement code review feedback

* Temporary inspection code removed

* Implement code review feedback

* Either#consume and alignment for API

* Implement code review feedback: refactor for single URL builder

* Implement code review feedback: split #compileFunctionDefinition

* .

* meanwhile, master moved to 7.24.0-SNAPSHOT

* Implement code review feedback

* Number coercion to BigDecimal to respect DMN spec

* Implement code review feedback

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[DROOLS-4125] restore TypeResolver and RuleUnitDescritors after Knowl… (#2374)

* [DROOLS-4125] restore TypeResolver and RuleUnitDescritors after KnowledgePackage cloning

* additional change

* [DROOLS-4125] restore TypeResolver and RuleUnitDescritors after KnowledgePackage cloning

Upgraded versions for release 7.23.0.Final

  1. … 59 more files in changeset.
updated to 7.23.1-SNAPSHOT

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.
DROOLS-3542 DMN FEEL function parameter typecheck (#2372)

* DROOLS-3542 DMN FEEL function parameter typecheck

* .

* .

* Implement code review feedback

* Implement code review feedback

upgrade to next SNAPSHOT

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.
upgraded to next SNAPSHOT

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.
[DROOLS-4089] fix method based introspection for property reactivity in MvelConstraint

DROOLS-2992 : Can't compile the kie module which has guided scorecard (#2366)

[DROOLS-3905] Duplicating an instance causes unexpected error (#2371)

* DROOLS-3905 Added a method which retrieves the package from FactIdentifier's className + tests

* DROOLS-3905 Tests improved.

[DROOLS-4085] Support follow redirects and avoid using external URL (#2369)

* [DROOLS-4085] Support follow redirects and avoid using external URL for change set XSD

* Remove all other references to external XSD

* Avoid getting XSD from the internet

[DROOLS-4095] fix parsing of null-safe dereferencing operator after a method invocation

DROOLS-4088 DMN FEEL instance of minor alignments (#2367)

[RHDM-969] avoid serializing a DMNPackage when serialization is done for cloning purpose (#2368)

[DROOLS-3806] Improve error reporting messages + minor bug (#2355)

* [DROOLS-3806] Improved error message, performance improvement on DMNRuntime initialization command

* [DROOLS-3806] Added event listener to extract DMN errors, skip expression steps if result is null in DMN

* [DROOLS-3806] Fix error propagation in case of syntax error on rule test scenario, improved FEEL error handling

* [DROOLS-3806] Improved operator error message

* [DROOLS-3806] Included PR comments

* [DROOLS-3806] Skip KieSession creation when not needed

* [DROOLS-3806] Minor changes

DROOLS-3432 : While using the same template key with difference objects/attributes causes an exception when switching to the Data tab in a Guided Rule Template (#2332)

Remove unused dependency org.eclipse.aether:aether-spi (#2365)

* Remove unused dependency org.eclipse.aether:aether-spi

* remove aether-util

* remove aether-transport-http

* remove aether-transport-file

* remove guice

* remove maven-artifact

* remove maven-plugin-api

* remove httpcore

* remove ant

[DROOLS-4018] Add support for LocalDate in Rule based test scenarios (#2359)

* [DROOLS-4018] Implemented LocalDate support on expression parsing

* [DROOLS-4018] Minor fix

* [DROOLS-4018] Aligned to FEEL ISO date format

[RHBRMS-3133] [DROOLS-3050] allow to add via annotation a serialVersionUID on classes generated from declared types (#2363)