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RHDM-44 Remove drools-verifier test from regression test suite (#1707)

This is required immediately since it block drools PR passing the test.

Drools-verifier has been removed from drools-bom.

DROOLS-2252: "Unable to expand" error with acculumate in Guided Rule Editor with DSL (#1700)

Allow no rules kjar (#1699)

RHDM-44 remove the drools-verifier reference (#1702)

This is a quick fixing for the 7.5.x dailybuild.

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use correct kieModuleModel in test suite while running executable model tests

fix parsing of expressions starting with a String literal in executable model

Allow using accumulate inside an OOPath expression (#1698)

Added accumulate expression

Generate explicit input expression while processing OOPath

support wildcard package in CanonicalKieModule

fix accumulate in executable model when used in oopath expression

RHDM-282 Fix creating temp files on Windows in DecisionTreeTest (#1696)

(cherry picked from commit 7672168)

RHDM-282 Fix creating temp files on Windows in DecisionTreeTest (#1695)

fix string coercion for equality constraints in executable model

fix drools-test-coverage tests when running against the executable model

implement null safe equality check in executable model

fix inheritance of type declaration in executable model

ToTypedExpression test (#1694)

* Test for toTypedExpression for FieldAccessExpr and MethodCallExpr

Some FieldAccess Expression

Inline cast test

Field and method chain

React on properties test

* Removed trace statement

make entry points accessible in consequences + fix existential patterns in executable model

fix TemplatesTest when running the executable model

fix executable model generation when an accumulate pattern has more than one constraint

allow to delete a fact from a datasource from inside a consequence

[DROOLS-2241] fix cloning of a pattern having a FromNode as source

(cherry picked from commit 50625d913cae7ac7aea17232f2ab59ea16d36894)

[DROOLS-2241] fix cloning of a pattern having a FromNode as source

[DROOLS-2238] fix calculation of property reactivity mask for nodes having a TimerNode as sink

[DROOLS-2238] fix calculation of property reactivity mask for nodes having a TimerNode as sink

(cherry picked from commit dbfdf7cfcc3c2e59c7c9ffd08f066162ee8adddb)

Temporal Predicates for OOPathcepTest (#1692)

* Slightly better fix for missing class OOPathExpression

* Let's not merge the two expressions

* Restore substitution of last OOPath chunk

* Do not overwrite last declaration in OOPath

* All temporal operators

* Avoid collision while finding the binding ID in a OOPathChunk expr

* Fix Interval Min Value and testTemporalOperatorAfterWithOOPath

* Temporal operators use TemporalOperatorSpec

* Coincides Predicate

* Coincides predicate

* Coincides Predicate

* Overlaps predicate

* Metby predicate

* FinishedBy

* Meets

* Refactor to intoduce end timestamp in the evaluate method

* During Predicate

* Startedby predicate

* Overlapped by

* Includes Predicate

* StartsPredicate

* Finishes Predicate

* Coincides

* Fix After Predicate

* Fix DuringPredicate

* Disable tests

* Moved OperatorSpec to separated package

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[RHDM-254] fix drl dumper for accumulate

[RHDM-254] fix drl dumper for accumulate

(cherry picked from commit db135c5b6b7011444f71677122b4e009b040f183)

Fix test failing on IBM JDK (#1647) (#1691)

(cherry picked from commit 48b6925)

exec model fix codegen inline cast for field (#1687)

RHDM-243 Rule engine freezes when evaluating multiple PMML scorecards (master) (#1690)

* Added new unit test for scorecards - This also provides an example of how to use PMML with rule units

* Updated test_scorecard.pmml so that it provides reason codes for occupations other than SKYDIVER and ASTRONAUT

* Removed some System.out.println() calls