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DROOLS-4602 Use a pre-set PomModel in KieBuilder when possible (#2572) (#2583)

(cherry picked from commit 2677f1fe5055b60045bcb31da64f4e85b7d1af24)

DROOLS-4448: Simplify if then else statement (#2589)

During DROOLS-4448 review, complex if then else statements were spotted. This PR reduces the complexity of those if then else statements.

DROOLS-4601 : Escape characters added to code after editing comma separated list in guided rule editor (#2565)

DROOLS-4545 : GDST V&V: Clean up situations where the webworker fails (#2546)

Remove the copied method (#2586)

This PR removes a copy of an existing mehtod. The rmeoved method was used two times while the original one more than 90 times.

DROOLS-4601: SImple refactoring of value list population (#2585)

During https://issues.jboss.org/browse/DROOLS-4601 review short piece of code was found that can be shorten form two lines to single one.

DROOLS-4588: Coverage increase (#2566)

* DROOLS-4588: Increase the coverage

* Proper type of expressions


* Simplify the test due to DROOLS-4649

[DROOLS-4620] Executable model compilation fails with 'inference variable A has incompatible bounds' when using accumulate (#2581)

* Fix concatenating lambda in LambdaUtil

* Fix Flow DSL

* AccumulateDSL is an instance variable

RHDM-1119 DMN Validation doesn't report non existing operator (#2582)

* RHDM-1119 DMN Validation doesn't report non existing operator

* .

* RHDM-1119: Add a reproducer test

* .

* .

* .

* .

DROOLS-4629 DMN heuristic for invocation name (#2579)

* Reapply DROOLS-4629 DMN heuristic for invocation name (#2574)

* extend heuristic scope

[DROOLS-4626] allow right propagated expired events to participate in an accumulate

increase timeout for CompositeAgendaTest

[DROOLS-4583] fix to sessionPool attribute unmarshalling from kmodule.xml

[DROOLS-4513] - s2i build fails at KieServerContainerVerifier (#2553)

Signed-off-by: Filippe Spolti <fspolti@redhat.com>

Add unit tests for org.drools.core.util.bitmask.LongBitMask (#2434)

These tests were written using Diffblue Cover

Fix a blind typecast in the ProtobufOutputMarshaller (#2569)

Update ExcelParser.java (#2387)

DROOLS-4602 Use a pre-set PomModel in KieBuilder when possible (#2572)

Added null value checker in `flushRule()` (#2568)

AF-2154: remove unnecessary dependency with uberfire-commons (#2506)

fix eclipse plugin class not found error (#2425)

eclipse open *.bpmn with `BPMN2 Process Editor` throw error WorkDefinitions.conf class not found import org.drools.core.process.core.datatype.impl.type.StringDataType because that class has moved to org.jbpm.process.core.datatype.impl.type.StringDataType

DROOLS-4250: Improve data source type resolving in OOPath (#2412)

* DROOLS-4250: Improve data source type resolving in OOPath

* refactor entry point registration to FromVisitor

* minor code quality fixes

* revert more invasive changes

[DROOLS-4633] optimize self-join patterns in forall statement

  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
[DROOLS-4588] Add support for MVEL expression on simple types in Rule test scenario (#2563)


* [DROOLS-4588] Implemented MVEL support for simple types

* [DROOLS-4588] Fix pom

* [DROOLS-4588] Fix code smells

* [DROOLS-4101] PR comments

* [DROOLS-4588] Fix expression evaluator factory condition

* [DROOLS-4588] Do not stop at first error in GIVEN/EXPECT, better error reporting in case of conversion error,

* [DROOLS-4588] Added type check on GIVEN return value of a MVEL expression

* [DROOLS-4588] PR comments

* [DROOLS-4588] PR comments

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Revert "DROOLS-4629 DMN heuristic for invocation name (#2574)" (#2578)

This reverts commit 0c0cac3e01c964c79331b830cda739beecd6cc0b.

Reverting as it generates WARN messages for dmn files which are correct.

upgraded to 7.29.0-SNAPSHOT

  1. … 61 more files in changeset.
DROOLS-4627 DMN DS invocation message for parameter name coercion (#2573)

DROOLS-4629 DMN heuristic for invocation name (#2574)

[DROOLS-4632] optimize single pattern forall statement

  1. … 43 more files in changeset.
[DROOLS-4583] allow to declaratively configure a SessionPool in the kmodule.xml (#2567)