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DROOLS-4875 DMN validation message alignment to DMN XSD constraint (#2692)

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DROOLS-2832 DMN support for DMN v1.2 serialization (#2018)

* (kie-dmn-model)

* (kie-dmn-backend)

* BROKEN (kie-dmn-core) align imports and minor alignments

* (kie-dmn-core) realign new infra to run -core with DMN v1.1

* BROKEN (kie-dmn-core) alignments

* (kie-dmn-core) align for missing synonims of feel:Any

* API CHANGE: realign Marshaller to proper package name

* WIP -- working on DMNDI to externalize the interface and v1.2 marshaller

* Unmarshal DMN v1.2 files

* Move FEELHelper as part of DMNCompilerCtx and manage FEEL v1.2 flags

* Marshaller factory generalized, execution test w/ DMN v1.2 ch11 example

* (kie-dmn-validation)

* (kie-dmn-signavio)

* Realign Validation to support DMN v1.2

* minor/comment changes.

* Minor header/comment changes.

* Minor import .* changes

* Minor alignments and implement logic instead of hardcode QMap logic

* .

* Remove XSD(s) where not necessary.

* DROOLS-2893 DMN v1.2 Serialization degraded mode without XSD

* Fix OSGi maven plugin export/import filters.

* Implementing the correct specialised interface for b/c

* Package refactor


from org.kie.dmn.model.v1x

to org.kie.dmn.model.api


from org.kie.dmn.api.marshalling.v1x

to org.kie.dmn.api.marshalling

* Implement code review feedback.

* Implement code review feedback

* .

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