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[DROOLS-5436] Moved/renamed kie-pmml-new to kie-pmml-trusty (#2959)

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Drools 4589 - Refactor of Scorecards (#2870)

* [DROOLS-4859] Fixing generic models archetype

* [DROOLS-4859] Implemented model-drools archetype

* [DROOLS-4859] Created scorecard stub module

* [DROOLS-5261] Move shared code/classes to common modules/packages

* [DROOLS-4589] Begin implementation of AST factories

* [DROOLS-4589] Basic working status. No expression implemented

* [DROOLS-5270] Refactored AST factories to avoid duplication between tree model and scorecard model

* [DROOLS-5270] Fixed as per PR suggestin

* [DROOLS-4589] Minor fix

* [DROOLS-4589] Minor fix

* [DROOLS-4589] Add Release status

* [DROOLS-4589] Refactored DATA_TYPE to avoid reflection. Implemented PrimitiveBoxedUtils as support

* [DROOLS-4589] Implemented KiePMMLScorecardModelCharacteristicASTFactoryTest. Implemented missing tests. Refactoring some common classes

* [DROOLS-4589] Cleanup

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixed as per PR suggestions

* [DROOLS-4589] Move drools evaluation inside model itself

* [DROOLS-5239] Simple scorecard test

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixing usage of Attribute partialScore inside generated rules

* [DROOLS-5239] Fix simple scorecard test

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixing OutputField (only for predictedValue feature)

* [DROOLS-5239] Use target fields for tests

* [DROOLS-5239] Add test for simple scorecard with categorical variables

* [DROOLS-5239] Add simple scorecard test with mixed variables

* [DROOLS-5239] Add test for compound predicates in scorecards

* [DROOLS-4589] Implemented reason code evaluation

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixed evaluation with compound predicates. Fixed reasoncode population

* [DROOLS-5239] Add tests for nested compound predicates in scorecards

* [DROOLS-5239] Add basic test for evaluation of partial score

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixed CompoundNestedPredicate. Update version

* [DROOLS-4589] Ignoring BasicComplexPartialScoreTest since it is using ComplexPartialScore -> Expression (not implemented in this iteration)

* [DROOLS-5239] Add test for nested complex partial score

* [DROOLS-4589] Minor refactoring. Add unit tests.

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixing as per PR suggestions

* [DROOLS-4589] Replaced String with OPERATOR inside KiePMMLOperatorValue

* [DROOLS-4589] Replaced String with BOOLEAN_OPERATOR inside KiePMMLFieldOperatorValue

Co-authored-by: Jiri Petrlik <>

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Drools 4933 - Setup PMML refactoring implementation (#2757)

* [DROOLS-4933] Create PMML refactoring skeleton

* [DROOLS-4933] Add test utility methods. Fixed pom

* [DROOLS-4933] Add tests to kie-test-util

* [DROOLS-4933] Add assertions to tests inside kie-test-util

* [DROOLS-4933] Format

* [DROOLS-4933] Moving kie-pmml-api to kie-pmml-commons

* [DROOLS-4933] Renamed kie-pmml-refactoring to kie-pmml-new

* [DROOLS-4933] Fixed package in test. Removed

* [DROOLS-4933] Renamed library module to compiler

* [DROOLS-4933] Renamed runtime module to evaluator

* [DROOLS-4933] Renamed library package to compiler

* [DROOLS-4933] Renamed runtime package to evaluator

* [DROOLS-4933] Moved dependency management to parent pom

* [DROOLS-4933] Reformat code

* [DROOLS-4933] Reorganized Exception management. Renamed groupId org.drools -> org.kie

* [DROOLS-4933] Make use of Objects.equals inside enums

* [DROOLS-4933] Implemented KiePMMLNameOpType. Add tests for ModelUtils. Moved util class to compiler-commons

* [DROOLS-4933] Changed log level of messages printed out

* [DROOLS-4933] Add test to compiler

* [DROOLS-4933] Updated version

* [DROOLS-4933] Unchecking all exceptions

* [DROOLS-4933] Adding empty constructor to Serialiazables

* [DROOLS-4933] Reducing usage of SuppressWarnings

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