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updated to 7.39.1-SNAPSHOT

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DROOLS-5440 DMN FEEL built-in functions verifiable documentation (#2953)


* finalize list functions doc

* numeric function doc



* all built-in covered.

* dependency alignment

* .

* .

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[RHDM-1376] org.kie.dmn.validation fails on master with ibm jdk (#2951)

* [RHDM-1376] org.kie.dmn.validation fails on master with ibm jdk

* - check prefix as well

upgraded to next SNAPSHOT version

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Checkstyle fix on ScenarioSimulation api module (#2950)

upgraded version to 7.39.0.Final

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DROOLS-5429 DMN DT Analysis mc/dc TCK output enhancement (#2947)

[JBPM-9184] Subprocess excepcion handling tx rollback causes main process to fail

The error happens when a subprocess is invoked sync and therefore is not the owner of the tx.

In this case we need to let the main process handle the rollback

[DROOLS-5423] Declaring glassfish jaxb-runtime dependency for JDK >= 11 to maintain compiler functionality in such environments (#2942)

JDK11 future upgrade (#2944)

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Upgraded version to 7.39.0.CR1

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DROOLS-5421 DMN FEEL perf opt EvaluationContext.current() (#2939)

DROOLS-5158 DMN DT Analysis mc/dc (experimental) (#2938)

* MC DC MCDC MC/DC enumerate without repetition for rules

* MC/DC enumValues with repetition for each rule

* compute enum values based on column constraint if available.

* matching rule for a given input

* ordering enumvalues

* wip


* Neg records only singleton per other-enum

* .


* .

* .

* .

* .

* revisit step1

* working for analysing inputs

* working for example1

* Example 1 working

* example1 step2/3 filter output new strategy

* avoid filtering if it would end up with prioritize else-rule

* test1 and test2 results.

* final opts, test1 and test2 working

* .

* fix for test2

* adding output to convenience XLSX while debug

* minor refactors

* covering TODO case, skip if not enumerated output value when needed

* asserting MCDC test cases for rule ID consistency

* move XLSX generation as a test facility

* package re-org

* Generate DMN TCK file format for MC DC cases

* better debug file handling

* give proper naming to example2

* license header

* final cleanup

* disable debug test utils

* test logging util

* sonarcloud refactorings

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BXMSPROD-685: hibernate upgrade requires exclusion for ban-duplicated-classes rule (#2932)

DROOLS-5391 DMN external Java fn parameter resolution (#2924)

* reproducer

* fix

* .

* .

[DROOLS-5381] Implemented code-generation for TreeModel (#2930)

* [DROOLS-5381] Implemented code-generation for TreeModel. Put common code in KiePMMLDroolsModelFactoryUtils. Implemented tests

* [DROOLS-5381] Fixed as per PR request

* [DROOLS-5381] Fixed as per PR suggestion

DROOLS-5392 DMN survey all Signavio extension MID aggregates (#2927)

[DROOLS-5345] fix class loading issue in Eclipse Equinox OSGi container (#2937)

[DROOLS-5404] Preserve the order of the DMN definitions elements in the DMNModel (input data, decision, bkms, item definitions, decision services) (#2928)

Co-authored-by: Simon Ringuette <sringuette@trisotech.com>

[KOGITO-2276] wrong openapi schema for fields (#2922)

* Passing test

* Emit Jackson annotation used by OpenApi

DROOLS-5333 : Allow to customize rule names in guided decision table editor (#2904)

[Drools-5373] Refactored PMMLAssembler - implemented two delegates PMMLCompilerService and PMMLLoaderService (#2936)

[DROOLS-5408] Externalize lambda for eval (#2933)

[DROOLS-5400] avoid constructors duplication in pojos generated from declared types by executable model (#2935)

[DROOLS-5409] Fix context metadata in AfterInvokeBKMEvent (#2934)

* [DROOLS-5409] Fix context metadata in AfterInvokeBKMEvent

* [DROOLS-5409] Add tests for metadata in DMN events

* [DROOLS-5409] Fix context metadata in events when calling DMNRuntime::evaluateByName

[DROOLS-5324] refactor building of non-native resources from the exec… (#2926)

[DROOLS-5324] refactor building of non-native resources from the executable model

DROOLS-5331 & DROOLS-5078: Support for Enums in Rule Test Scenario (#2921)

* DROOLS-5331: Add isEnum check

* DROOLS-5331: Managing Enums

* DROOLS-5331: Managing Enums

* DROOLS-5331: Managing Enums

* DROOLS-5331: Tests

* DROOLS-5331: Tests

* DROOLS-5331: Changes required after CR

* DROOLS-5331: Changes required after CR

[DROOLS-5348] Lambda predicate is not externalized when a binding var… (#2908)

* [DROOLS-5348] Lambda predicate is not externalized when a binding variable is involved

* - add code comment

* - Predicate method need to have throws Exception because a function may throw

* - remove Object check

Drools 5360 - Avoid direct invocation of PMMLModelExecutor.evaluate (#2918)

* [DROOLS-4859] Fixing generic models archetype

* [DROOLS-4859] Implemented model-drools archetype

* [DROOLS-4859] Created scorecard stub module

* [DROOLS-5261] Move shared code/classes to common modules/packages

* [DROOLS-4589] Begin implementation of AST factories

* [DROOLS-4589] Basic working status. No expression implemented

* [DROOLS-5270] Refactored AST factories to avoid duplication between tree model and scorecard model

* [DROOLS-5270] Fixed as per PR suggestin

* [DROOLS-4589] Minor fix

* [DROOLS-4589] Minor fix

* [DROOLS-4589] Add Release status

* [DROOLS-4589] Refactored DATA_TYPE to avoid reflection. Implemented PrimitiveBoxedUtils as support

* [DROOLS-4589] Implemented KiePMMLScorecardModelCharacteristicASTFactoryTest. Implemented missing tests. Refactoring some common classes

* [DROOLS-4589] Cleanup

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixed as per PR suggestions

* [DROOLS-4589] Move drools evaluation inside model itself

* [DROOLS-5239] Simple scorecard test

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixing usage of Attribute partialScore inside generated rules

* [DROOLS-5239] Fix simple scorecard test

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixing OutputField (only for predictedValue feature)

* [DROOLS-5239] Use target fields for tests

* [DROOLS-5239] Add test for simple scorecard with categorical variables

* [DROOLS-5239] Add simple scorecard test with mixed variables

* [DROOLS-5239] Add test for compound predicates in scorecards

* [DROOLS-4589] Implemented reason code evaluation

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixed evaluation with compound predicates. Fixed reasoncode population

* [DROOLS-5239] Add tests for nested compound predicates in scorecards

* [DROOLS-5239] Add basic test for evaluation of partial score

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixed CompoundNestedPredicate. Update version

* [DROOLS-4589] Ignoring BasicComplexPartialScoreTest since it is using ComplexPartialScore -> Expression (not implemented in this iteration)

* [DROOLS-5239] Add test for nested complex partial score

* [DROOLS-4589] Minor refactoring. Add unit tests.

* [DROOLS-4589] Fixing as per PR suggestions

* [DROOLS-4589] Replaced String with OPERATOR inside KiePMMLOperatorValue

* [DROOLS-4589] Replaced String with BOOLEAN_OPERATOR inside KiePMMLFieldOperatorValue

* [DROOLS-5258] Add Readme.md

* [DROOLS-5258] Removed PackageDescr from KiePMMLDroolsModel. Changed way of KieSession instantiation for Drools model evaluation. Changed package name for generated RegressionModels. Fixed all tests.

* [DROOLS-5258] Code-generating KiePMMLScorecardModel inside KiePMMLScorecardModelFactory.getKiePMMLScorecardModel. All tests running. Working status with kjar not verified

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixing scoremodel code-generation. Code-generating KiePMMLModelFactories.

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixing scoremodel code-generation. Code-generating KiePMMLModelFactories.

* [DROOLS-5258] Fix package assembling when invoked at runtime. Propagating original kiebase to avoid retrieval of new container.

* [DROOLS-5258] Removing usage of GAV for session retrieval. Using only propagated kiebase

* [DROOLS-5258] Removing releaseId from signatures.

* [DROOLS-5258] Removing releaseId from signatures.

* [DROOLS-5258] Implemented KnowledgeBaseUtils.

* [DROOLS-5258] Implemented KnowledgeBaseUtils.

* [DROOLS-5258] Add private constructor to KnowledgeBaseUtils.

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixed getKModulePackageName to avoid "NPE" (null package") if class has not already been loaded.

* [DROOLS-5258] Revert modifications

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixed as per PR suggestion

* [DROOLS-5258] Replaced Class.byName with classloader.loadClass to found the generated classes regardless of projec-internal or local-repository kjar.

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixed as per PR suggestion

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixed as per PR suggestion

* [DROOLS-5258] Fixed as per PR suggestion

* [DROOLS-5360] Renaming PMMLModelExecutor -> PMMLModelEvaluator for consistency

* [DROOLS-5360] Keep renaming

* [DROOLS-5360] Refactored Scorecard tests

* [DROOLS-5360] Refactored Tree tests

* [DROOLS-5360] Refactored integration tests to avoid direct call to "private" KiePMMLModelEvaluator API

* [DROOLS-5360] Fixed as per PR suggestion

Co-authored-by: Jiri Petrlik <jiripetrlik@gmail.com>

  1. … 93 more files in changeset.
[DROOLS-5401] Suppress RuntimeException in ExecModelLambdaPostProcessor (#2929)