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Minor cleanup

Next is 4.0.0.CR5

Prep 4.0.0.CR4

Merge PR and master branches

Next is 4.0.0.CR4

Merge pull request #285 from stuartwdouglas/result-prod

EJBCLIENT-243 Make sure only the first result is taken into account.

EJBCLIENT-243 Make sure only the first result is taken into account.

When proceedAsynchronously() the state can still be SENT, and then

if the async method throws an exception from another thread the result

producer can be changed to the exception producer, resulting in incorrect


Prep 4.0.0.CR3

Update dependencies

Next is 4.0.0.CR3

Prep 4.0.0.CR2

Add some helpful constructors

[EJBCLIENT-242] Fixes related to locating sessions on session create

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    • +2
Next is 3.0.0.CR2

Prep 3.0.0.CR1

Next is 4.0.0.CR2

Prep 4.0.0.CR1

Make config init lazier

Elytron Beta54 fixes

[EJBCLIENT-242] Further cleanup

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    • +7
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[EJBCLIENT-242] Get weak affinity from the invocation context

[EJBCLIENT-242] Add session creation to interceptors and move discovery to an interceptor

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    • +16
[EJBCLIENT-242] Add resolved destination to the invocation context

[EJBCLIENT-242] Rework and centralize discovery process

[EJBCLIENT-242] Centralized module identifier

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    • +139
Next is 4.0.0.Beta32

Prep 4.0.0.Beta31

Update dependencies

Merge pull request #278 from rachmatowicz/EJBCLIENT-236

EJBCLIENT-236 [Add trace logging to help disgnose issues with peformLocatedAction

Merge pull request #282 from rachmatowicz/JBossEJBPropertiesTestCase

[EJBCLIENT-240] Fix issues and add a test case for JBossEJBProeprties.