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Update README.md to remove docs references.


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Minor reformatting

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Enable jboss-as:deploy

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Regenerate readme.html from readme.md

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whitespace, organize imports

Update to JBoss AS logo and banner

Remove unused css import

Fix author

Various arquillian.xml fixes

Fix url to guide

Fix xsd ref


Fix persistence.xml name

Fix more ws

Remove guides

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Auto format whitespace

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Use jmx-as7 protocol, add remote profile, fixed xsd

Updates for AS HEAD

* Use newer maven plugin

* Update DS name

AS7-1084 - fix spelling

Make producers alternatives explicitly

Various fixes from Vimal Kansal + tech overview

Force text/xml output, some browsers request text/html

Remove @DataSourceDefinition, we will use built in ExampleDS

Various spelling fixes

Remove admin guide, it's in confluence

Remove admin guide, it is in confluence.

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Feedback from Vimal Kansal and Burr