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upgrade RHQ dep to 3.0.0.B05
rename 1.3.x (AS/EAP 5.x) branch
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adjust name to be only for JBossAS 5.x
EMBJOPR-291- add jboss-scanning.xml
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clone jbas5 target to create a jbas6 module for AS 6
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explicitly add dep on richfaces-api:3.3.3.Final to avoid pulling in richfaces-api:3.3.2.GA via erroneous transitive dep from richfaces-ui:3.3.3.Final pom
add dist mgmt section with new Nexus repos
remove jboss snapshots repo - should no longer be needed since we now depend on a release version of RHQ
fix scm url
EMBJOPR-283 - commit local changes so debugging can continue
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag EmbJopr_1_4_0_Beta3
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release EmbJopr_1_4_0_Beta3
upgrade RichFaces from 3.3.3.CR1 to 3.3.3.Final; upgrade hornetq plugin in AS5/AS6 pom from 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.0.0.BETA1

* Fixed JBoss Cache tests.
* "Resource Adapter Archive (RAR)" is the correct wording.
* jmsDest ignore my test file
* Fixed "Resource Adapto/er (RAR)s"
* Added creation of HtmlElementNotFoundEx in JMS tests.
* Workaround for HTMLUnit XPath bug - this time for the table headers in JMS tests.
* Workaround for HTMLUnit XPath bug - this time for the "Next" button in JMS tests.
* POM: Message counters enabling moved from a profile to the <build>
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* POM: Replacer plugin replaced with replace Ant task.
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* Fixed "Embedded Resource Adapter (RAR)" for Jopr 2.4.0
* ConnFactory test fixed - statistics criteria relaxed.
replace usages of Seam's ServletLifecycle class with JSF APIs
* POM reorganized.
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* POM: Moved Cargo to start-stop-server

* Fixed ConnectionFactories tests

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POM: RHQ 3.0.0 deps
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* POM: Enabling of msg counters moved to separate profile.
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