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EMBJOPR-358: In IE7, configuration tab under bindings page is blank, works fine in FF

Issue affected IE8 in IE7 Compatibility View mode and IE7. Removed the use of the deprecated expression() function in the CSS definition for IE7.

EMBJOPR-250, EMBJOPR-289 - Several fixes to the IEx rendering: navtree height correct in IE6, no content scrollbar in IE6, the tab bar and content borders match up (always in IE7+, almost always in IE6)
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"WindowsUtilities not defined" JavaScript error fixed. (part of JBQA-2775)
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[EMBJOPR-250], [EMBJOPR-251] - fix the layout rendering issues in IE7.
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move Facelets include and template xhtml files from include/ to WEB-INF/facelets/, so they can't be accessed directly by clients (https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBPAPP-2358); remove security_error.xhtml, which is no longer used
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