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Add annotation processors to demos using Errai UI (and move non-Java files in demos to src/main/resource)

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ERRAI-1033: Update errai-annotation-processors (to match UI and Data Binding changes)

ERRAI-1032: Add declarative property change handler methods for @Bindable types

Upgrade IP BOM from 7.0.0.CR8 to 7.0.0.CR9

Changed back to version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Update to new version 4.0.0.CR2

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Upgrade IP BOM from 7.0.0.CR7 to 7.0.0.CR8

ERRAI-1030: Add Bindable type name for NonExistingPropertyException.

Fix native stacktraces (chrome only). Make more robust to future changes.

Add jboss-public-repository-group into errai-bom

This is very useful in case the ip-parent was not yet

synced into Maven Central.

Upgrade IP BOM from 7.0.0.CR6 to 7.0.0.CR7

Update ClientBeanManager javadoc.

Exclude el-api and interceptor-api from cdi-api

We should generally be using the JBoss Spec Jars. These excluded

deps does not seem to be needed, so there is no replacement

for those at this point.

[ERRAI-1027] fix errai-cdi-demo-mobile

ERRAI-1019: +Fix MarshallerModelStrategy (details below)

- No longer stop searching after first portable class was

found, but instead collect all matches (a portable class

could be found in a project that is not a webapp e.g.

errai-common when executed from errai root)

- Avoid writing ServerMarshallerFactory.class files to

target dirs of projects which are no webapps

ERRAI-1019: Intermittent build failures with Maven parallel builds (-T)

Add utilities to support HasCssName style enumerated CSS classes (#232)

ERRAI-1025: EmbeddedWildFlyLauncher breaks SDM when package-info.class exists

ERRAI-1024: Add hints to "no proxy provider found" error message

[ERRAI-1026] fix jaxrs-demo-crud

1) fix dev mode

2) wildfly profile improve

3) jetty9 support added

[ERRAI-1023] fix jpa-demo-basic

1) wildfly build

2) fixed dev mode

3) jetty profile added

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[ERRAI-1022] Update cdi-demo-tagcloud so that it works on jetty9-server

Changed back to version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.0.0.CR1

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[ERRAI-1020] Unable to build and deploy errai-cdi-demo-mobile using wildfly profile

ERRAI-1018: Support for javax.enterprise.inject.Typed

* Rework implementation of injectables matching sites of the exact type.

Now uses a predicate on the path of references used to resolve a dependency

in order to determine if a resolved candidate satisfies an injection site.

* Use path predicate to support @Typed for resolution of dependencies at

compile time.

* When @Typed is present, only use types in @Type for assignable types.

This allows beans to only be looked up dynamically by types in @Typed.

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Make toString for injectables and references better. Delete InjectableType.Reference.

Fixes in codegen (description below).

* In GWTClass, return type parameters if type is generic.

* In BuildMetaClass, adhere to getErased javadoc and return same

instance if type has no type variables.

* Fix getErased impl for JavaReflectionClass.

* Always return type parameters in GWTClass (even for erased types) to make behaviour

the same as in JavaReflectionClass.

Temporarily revert ERRAI-1018 commit because of downstream project issues.

This reverts commit a35e7f90a7d23ce5595da188f55d1c954c14c8c6.

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Add support for package scanning CONFIG_ERRAI_BINDABLE_TYPES (#225)