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Change back to development version 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.0.1.Beta1

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Use current Errai version for Forge tests instead of hardcoded value (fixes test failures).

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AF-546: Reduce startup time of AppFormer apps and workbenches

This commit:

* Adds logging to audit startup to entrypoints, RPCs, bean manager

* Load RPC proxies before the bus initializes so that startup RPC calls

can be queued up and sent in a single payload

* Don't wait for bus to initialize to send CDI client assoicate message

(allows this to also be sent with initial bus payload)

* Don't delay InitVotes in SecurityContextImpl if a user has been injected

onto the host page

JBPM-5861: Added JsInterop support for constructing Blob types and for the Window.atob function.

ERRAI-1049 Do not eat the WildFly/JBoss launcher exception


log.error(error message for /dev/null);

throw new UnableToCompleteException(no error message);


throw new IllegalStateException(error message);

Updated to new development version 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.0.0.Final

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Clarify IsElement usage in Errai UI docs + build latest.

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Fix broken docs links + build latest docs.

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Update data-binding documentation with native JS type binding

* Use DOM wrappers in examples.

* Describe how elements are bound.

* Describe adding custom element binding behaviour with HasValue

Minor doc fixes for Errai CDI and Errai UI.

* Add note on difference in dependent-scoped observers.

* Remove note on @Typed being unsupported (is now supported).

* Document that @DataField attribute merging is now configurable.

ERRAI-1043: Getting started broken: Do not depend on xercesImpl 2.11.0.SP4 because that doesn't exist in Maven Central

ERRAI-1044: Generic array type parameters cause error in GWT MetaClasses

Rethrow errors in ElementProviderExtension with message about the offending type.


errai-data-binding is a non-optional dependency for errai-ui


ERRAI-1041: Errai always generates factories for native JS types that are injectable, even if they are not used

ERRAI-1039: Errai generates factories for native JS types with only private constructors, leading to GWT compilation failure

Fix inconsistency in getConstructor methods of MetaClass between GWT and Reflection impls.

Remove cordova from errai-forge-addon setup.

Remove cordova and outdated dependency trees from docs.

Changed back to version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.0.0.CR3

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Default translation (locale == null) should be returned when there is no translation to a key in the active locale and the errai.i18n.default_per_key is set to true.

Fixed List component destroyer initialization with Dependent scope

Add annotation processors to demos using Errai UI (and move non-Java files in demos to src/main/resource)

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ERRAI-1033: Update errai-annotation-processors (to match UI and Data Binding changes)

ERRAI-1032: Add declarative property change handler methods for @Bindable types

Upgrade IP BOM from 7.0.0.CR8 to 7.0.0.CR9