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Support looking up bindable proxies using the fqcn of the model class

Give hints for errors resulting from non-ResponseCallback callbacks used with errai-jaxrs.

ERRAI-875+: Change getProperties to getBeanProperties to avoid conflict with User.getProperties in Errai security.

ERRAI-875: Allow access to map of known property types via HasProperties

Improve data binding to ensure pause has no effect if already paused

Add support for pause/resume to data binding

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Document properties file support for errai-ui i18n.

Document properties file support for errai-ui i18n.

Add support for .properties i18n bundles to errai-ui.

Add support for .properties i18n bundles to errai-ui.

Fix for JavaReflectionClass.getSuperClass caching bug and add logging.

* Add debug/trace logging to MetaClassCache.

* Add more specific error reporting in DependencyGraphBuilderImpl

* Allow null Context in BuildMetaClass. This makes non-code-generating

methods safe for use between threads, fixing a JavaReflectionClass

caching bug.

Remove unused Errai UI dependency from errai-jpa-demo-basic.

GWT compilation fails if the errai-ui jar is on the classpath

but the GWT module is not inherited.

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Disable web console logger in errai-bus tests (only works with production compile).

Exclude javassist:javassist which collides with org.javassist:javassist

Improve exception logging in web console.

Print stack traces in web console when exception is logged.

Native stack traces are used in Google Chrome so that the

browser translates the line numbers with source maps.

Make @Model a qualifier so DataBindingIOCExtension only satisfies @Model injection sites.

Use temporary in-house version of guava (until there is a 20 release).

Remove obsolete perm gen arguments from builds.

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Remove LessStyleGenerator and @StyleDescriptor.

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Combine app and realm roles in KeycloakAuthenticationService.

Combine app and realm roles in KeycloakAuthenticationService.

Don't treat classes with @PostConstructs as simpletons and use IdentityHashMap in Factory.

Fix inferWidgetValueType behaviour for ValueBox and add test (description below).

ValueBox<T> implements both HasText and TakesValue<T>. TakesValue<T> should take precedence over HasText.

Otherwise, inferWidgetValueType( ValueBox<BigDecimal> w ) will resolve to String, when it should resolve to BigDecimal.

This ends up causing a ClassCastException when binding occurs.

Add Test for dealing with data binding widget that implements both HasText and HasValue<T> where T != String (test for both null and not null values)

Don't proxy normal-scoped package-private methods (doesn't work) and print warning instead.

Show more exception info for exceptions thrown in message callbacks.

Add new API for registering bean definitions under multiple types.

Fix lookup of programmatically added beans by name.

Refactor ElementWrapperWidget to encapsulate logic for handling input element values.

First step in data-binding refactoring (description below).

Refactoring data-binding API so that conversion types are locked in

at binding time, and so that converters can be used to enforce

model and widget value types (causing errors if they do not line up).

All conversion between UI and model values is done with converters

and every binding has a non-null converter.

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Fix order that @CodeDecorators are run in (description below).

Order @CodeDecorators by CodeDecorator.order() and then element type.

CodeDecorator.order() is ascending (lowest first). For decorators

with the same order number, element types are processed in this order:

1. Fields

2. Parameters

3. Methods

4. Types