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Temporarily revert ERRAI-1018 commit because of downstream project issues.

This reverts commit a35e7f90a7d23ce5595da188f55d1c954c14c8c6.

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Add support for package scanning CONFIG_ERRAI_BINDABLE_TYPES (#225)

ERRAI-1012+: Update page lifecycle in docs.

ERRAI-1018: Support for javax.enterprise.inject.Typed

* Rework the mechanism for having injectables satisfy only injection

sites. Now each injectable supplies a predicate that evaluates the

path used to resolve itself for a given site. The predicate can veto

a path so that the injectable is not resolved for that site.

* Use new path predicate mechanism to support @Typed. Beans with

@Typed have a predicate that only returns true if the injection

site is one of the types declared in the @Typed annotation.

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ERRAI-1012: Support for Page Gatekeepers

Test that server bus rejects messages from unassociated clients.

ERRAI-1017: Replace history token on navigation initialization.

Replace history token instead of push on navigation initialization.

This one fixes duplicated history entries after loading gwt host-page.

Configure source jar for Errai WildFly dist.

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Add description to Errai WildFly Dist POM.

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Update wildfly dist POM info + add src zip.

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Revive the errai wildfly-dist to workaround classloading issues in IntelliJ 2016.3+

- IntelliJ 2016.3+ now added apache-jsp to the classpath, which

includes a ServletContainerInitializer that will prevent WildFly

from bootstrapping

- The offending class is org.eclipse.jetty


- This custom WF distro replaces the

ServletContainerInitializerDeploymentProcessor to ignore the offending class

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Configure JGroups stack for testing that does not use multicasting.

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Rewrite ClusteringTests to reduce false negatives.

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Add assertions to check for timing issues in ClusteringTests.

Add logging for messages sent to server in BusTestClient.

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Add logging and scheduler cleanup to ClusteringTests.

Temporarily increase logging level of BusTestClient

to diagnose failing ClusteringTests on Jenkins.

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Delete dead code

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Upgrade IP BOM to 7.0.0.CR6

ERRAI-842: Conversational event support for RPCs

- Contains cleanup of existing conversational event logic

Add jsinterop-annotations as dependency of errai-common

IP BOM 7.0.0.CR5 (#212)

* [ERRAI-971] upgrade IP BOM to 7.0.0.CR5

* CR5 brings JPA 2.1 + Hibernate 5.x

(upgraded from JPA 2.0 + Hibernate 4.x)

* Fix errai-jpa-client tests and jpa demo GWT compilation errors.

* Add missing attribute to JoinColumn annotation.

* Add ForeignKey and ConstraintMode types.

* Fix HibernateJpaTest/ErraiJpaTest to work with different hibernate behaviour.

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ERRAI-870: ClassCastException on context.proceed() in aroundInvoke

Remove the ResponseCallback. JAX-RS methods returning a JAX-RS Response

can be used with a RemoteCallback on the client taking a GWT Response.

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ERRAI-1016: Duplicate method getContext() in generated Proxy error

Remove 'destroyAllBeans' method from bean manager API.

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Support destruction of @ApplicationScoped beans.

Previously a @PreDestroy would be called but

@ApplicationScoped instance would remain in service.

Document server-side logging of RPC endpoint exceptions.

Regression test for ERRAI-757.

Add regression test for ERRAI-914.

Updated to version 3.2.6-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 3.2.5.Final

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