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Merge pull request #171 from aofner/fix-readme

Fix "errai issue tracker" & twitter link

Fix "errai issue tracker" & twitter link

ERRAI-937: Looking up unqualified beans with Instance<T> fails.

Also fix implementations that did not

retain qualifiers of original Instance.

Support array members in qualifiers in client-side CDI events, and test Class members.

Fix test for dynamic qualifiers.

Support looking up dynamic annotation members by name

Add support for getQualifiers to JsTypeBeanDefs

* Todo: better support for array members.

* Todo: fix test

[ERRAI-934] DOMTokenList is missing apis (#169)

Support dynamic serialization of qualifiers on the server and introduce minor changes to CDIAnnotationUtil (description below).

* Create DynamicEventQualifierSerializer that uses reflection to access qualifier properties.

* Use the DynamicEventQualifierSerializer if CDIExtensionPoints can't load or generate a static impl.

* Fix the package name of CDIAnnotationUtils (still had ioc in it but it is now in codegen).

* Support getting qualifier properties with reflection as well as codegen API (in CDIAnnotationUtils).

Upgrade Guava from 19.0.0.jbossorg-1 to 19.0.0.jbossorg-2

Update powermock/gwtmockito versions to be compatible with junit 4.12.

The previous powermock/gwtmockito versions would throw FieldNotFoundExceptions

with junit 4.12.

Documented template singleton life cycle (#167)

Upgrade ip-bom to 7.0.0.CR1 (#166)

* ip-bom import moved into errai-bom so that

all 3rd party dependencyManagement can happen


Remove override annotations from subtypes of HTMLElement for recently removed getDisabled/getCheckbox methods.

Remove disabled and checkbox properties from HTMLElement.

According to the Mozilla Developer Network these methods

are defined on HTMLInputElement.

Remove custom wildfly 8 distribution zip (was a workaround that is no longer needed).

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Set gwt-dev to compile scope in errai-cdi-jboss.

ERRAI-929: Span html element

ERRAI-928: Heading not implementing HTMLElement.

Add tests for error reporting of missing data-fields in Errai UI.

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Add aggressive reachability analysis for dynamic runtime modules.

When the errai.ioc.reachability system property is set to "Aggressive"

only @EntryPoints and @JsTypes will be bootstrapped in the IoC.

Move CDIAnnotationUtils from errai-ioc (reasoning below).

CDIAnnotationUtils is used by errai-cdi-server in dev mode to

generate the EventQualifierSerializerImpl.class. This means

that SDM can break when errai-ioc is set to provided scoped.

To avoid having to specify a separate profile for SDM, CDIAnnotationUtils

has been moved to errai-codegen. The same problem now exists for errai-codegen

where if it is set to provided scope it may break SDM, however, leaving

errai-codgen as compile scoped and deploying it to the server in production

has less potential for bad side-effects than deploying the errai-ioc jar.

Update demos (description below).

* Upgrade several demos to EmbeddedWildFlyLauncher (SDM was broken in some demos with the JBossLauncher).

* Fix bugs in jpa demos relating to new IoC.

* Remove non-Wildfly app server profiles for several demos (don't have resources to maintain them).

* Rename jboss7 profiles to wildfly.

* Update files to refer to Wildfly instead of JBoss AS 6/7.

* Add .gitignore.

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Don't extend SimplePanel for SecurityRolesConstraintPage, avoiding user issues when injecting SimplePanel.

Refactor and change ordering of auto-discovery logic for class output.

Name DiscoverStrategies in OuptutDirectoryUtil and move some methods there form ClassChangeUtil.

Clean up DiscoveryStrategies and try CurrentWorkingDirectory strategy first.

Improve logging for generation of MarshallerFactory and EventQualifierSerializerImpl classes.

Cleanup ClassChangeUtil warnings and fix return value of generateClassFile (description below).

* Fix raw-type warnings.

* Fix warning for unclosed FileInputStream.

* Fix returned path of generateClassFile (was returning wrong path in source directory).

Rename External to Shared and WindowScope to SharedSingleton, +javadoc

ERRAI-922: MarshallerImpl will fail to generate if there are too many @Portable Types

Add test for ApplicationScoped bean injecting self and invoking proxied method in postconstruct.