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Fixed ERRAI-646: Destroying beans that have observers no longer causes unconditional CDI remote unsubscribe messages

We now first check if other matching local observers are present before unsubscribing from remote events of that type and qualifiers.

Fixed error in previous commit:

Test file was improperly merged and contained duplicate methods.

Factored out the IdentifiableType and ManagedType stuff from ErraiEntityType

This lays the foundation for supporting mapped supertypes (a requested feature) as well as

embeddable types (not yet requested, so we'll hold off on doing it)

Added blame tracking for invalid object creation statements

Fixed local subscriptions from being subscribed remotely

Re-enabled a test that had been "temporarily" disabled long ago.

Merge branch '2.4'

ERRAI-643: Make sure to trigger converters when syncing FROM_UI

Ensured same behavior of MetaClass#get*Fields() implementations.

* GWTClass.#get*Fields() and BuildMetaClass.#get*Fields() now behave

the same like JavaReflectionClass.#get[Declared]Fields()

* Added a test case for building a class with access to inherited fields


Fixed bus implementation with @Command on private methods

Fixed @Service annotation on private methods in Bus implementation

Added more tests for @Service and @Command annotations.

Copied tests between CDI and ErraiBus implementations.

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ERRAI-618: Reduced code duplication of @Service and @Command features

Created a common interface for parsed services (ServiceParser -- both type or method


Refactored CDIExtensionPoints and ServiceProcessor to use the


Fixed @Local feature in CDIExtensionPoints.

Fixed bean manager service lookup to use qualifiers (this was preventing

local type services from being found).

ERRAI-619: Fix and tests for @Command implementation in CDIEXtensionPoints

Merge branch '2.4'

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Merge commit '78c0a586f5cc597349f8b100374dcd36dadd7f0f'

No longer deploy aerogear demo

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Updated to new version 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 2.4.0.Final

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Fixed javadoc typo in TemplateUtil

Fix and regression tests for ERRAI-610

Calling TranslationService#setCurrentLocale now forces retranslation of

all templated widgets attached to the DOM and retranslation of all

ApplicationScoped Templated widgets (even if unattached).

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Fixed typo in CreationalContext javadoc

Fixed problem related to ERRAI-401

Conversational events are now fired properly to the initiating client

when the server fires the same instance of a payload that it receives.

Fixed ERRAI-401

DynamicEventObservers are no longer notified of events fired from

clients and removing the need for logic regarding which events they

should relay.

Merge branch '2.4'

Additional fix for ERRAI-634: Ensure that long polling handler doesn't schedule a new polling request when there is already one pending

Merge branch '2.4'

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Fixed ERRAI-534: Removed dependency to Netty 3.2.7

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Merge branch '2.4'

Fixed ERRAI-634 by making bus transport priority deterministic