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Fix issues with servlet reloading tools (like spring-boot-devtools).

We need the service to reinitialize when the servlet refresh is invoked. Also the callbackList should be cleared perhaps this should be optional in the future.

Update to new development version 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.1.1.Final

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Fix the condition and remove outer loop.

Add 'Elemental2DomUtil' (utility methods for interacting with the DOM)

Fix issues where deferred messages error handling would be ignored.

1. Once we've sent all deferred messages with remote subscribers, iterate through remaining deferred messages.

2. For every remaining deferred message, check if it has any local subscribers. If so, remove it as well.

3. Whatever is left had no subscribers, local or remote, so throw an exception.

Expose the CSRF_TOKEN_ATTRIBUTE_NAME for custom server implementations.

[AF-549-elastaic]: upgraded jackson version to 2.8.8

[ERRAI-1080] Add @ClassNames annotation support.

Fully revert ip-bom upgrade (last revert only reverted fixes).

This reverts commit 34ef53e89a383bf0ac3221de9e2a3ecbe3d10722.

Replace org.codehaus.jackson with com.fasterxml.jackson

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Upgrade ip-bom to 8.0.0.CR2

Revert ip-bom upgrade.

Add method for wrapping elemental2 class in Widget.

Fix version incompatibilities after ip-bom upgrade.

upgraded to jboss-ip-bom 8.0.0.CR2

Add errai.bus.web_socket_max_frame_size property to expand the default websocket frame size.

ERRAI-1075: Create APT generator for errai-marshalling (#296)

* Create APT generator for NavigationGraphGenerator

* Start to move errai-marshalling configuration out of EnvUtil clas

* Fixed exposed and nonExposed portable types

* Inline methods and add comment

* Fix NullPointerException

* Move Marshalling configuration out of EnvUtil

* Create MarshallersAptGenerator (not working)

* Prepare MarshallersGenerator to run in APT environment too

* Make errai-marshalling use completely interchangeable ErraiConfiguration implementations

* Fix ClassScanner parameters to use reflections while searching @Portable types

* Make MetaClassFinder available for DefinitionsFactoryImpl

* Add @MappingAlias annotation to ErraiConfiguration

* Make MarshallerAptGenerator work, but with errors

* Scan @ServerMarshallers with MetaClassFinder

* Fix tests and improve GWT environment MetaClassFinder

* Improve MarshallerAptGenerator. References not yet resolved in MarshallerFactoryImpl

* Make ErraiMarshalling.gwt.xml use APT generators and skip creation of abstract classes in generated marshallers

* MarshallerAptGenerator working with both GWT and APT generators

* MarshallerAptGenerator working and generating every Marshaller

* Fix logging in errai-demos

* Fix X marshaller not found (generics)

* Little refactors

* Remove static initialization of ErraiAppPropertiesConfiguration in MarshallingConfiguration

* Remove QualifyingMetaDataFactory property

* Remove unsafe call from errai-ioc decorators logic

* Add PageRequest in ErraiMarshallingModule's configuration

* Rollback parameter type to erased

* Revert "Remove unsafe call from errai-ioc decorators logic"

This reverts commit b496229be2f7ecaa50e9ea4c5951035772d10487.

* Fix issue with generic field/parameters. Add time logs to files generation in APT environment.

* Remove @Portable annotation added by mistake

* Remove unsafeIsAnnotationPresent from HasAnnotations

* Remove unsafe methods from HasAnnotations

* Remove AbstractHasAnnotations class

* Refactor configuration files

* Add tests to new properties in @ErraiApp

* Update comments

* PR final pass

* Remove even more unsafe calls from HasAnnotations implementation

* Removed annotation caches and unnecessary methods from subclasses of HasAnnotations

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Create nonBindableTypes in ErraiConfiguration interface

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Merge branch 'master' into errai-codegen-apt

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Updated to new development version 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.1.0.Final

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Upgrading netty version to be aligned with artemis 2.3.0

ERRAI-1072: Add parameter errai.ui.nonbindableTypes to (#294)

* ERRAI-1072: Add parameter errai.ui.nonbindableTypes to

* ERRAI-1072: Improvements

* ERRAI-1072: minor

* ERRAI-1072: minor

AF-569: upgrade netty version to align with activemq (needed by new cluster setup that ederign is working on)

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Remove @Nonbinding filtering from MetaAnnotation implementations

Rename classes and add clarifying comment

Fix AbstractErraiModuleExportFileGeneratorTest.testThrownExceptionDoesNotBreakIt

Add tests to APTEnum

Updated to new development version 4.0.4-SNAPSHOT

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