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Rename classes and add clarifying comment

Fix AbstractErraiModuleExportFileGeneratorTest.testThrownExceptionDoesNotBreakIt

Add tests to APTEnum

Updated to new development version 4.0.4-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.0.3.Final

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  1. … 50 more files in changeset.
Add new class to GWTMetaclassTest type oracle

Add tests for MetaParameter types and generic types

Improve tests of ErraiAptExportedTypes

Get TypeElement from is qualified name instead of toString()

AF-477: Support for Window's confirm method.

AF-477: Support for Window's confirm method.

Create APT generators for errai-ioc module

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Fix generics issue in errai-data-biding integration tests BindableProxyLoaderImpl generation

Moved some properties from ErraiModule to ErraiApp

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Merge module restriction logic for exported and local types

Add ErraiModule files to errai-ui tests

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Improve tests for ErraiModule

Restrict types in export files by its Errai module

Remove random string from ExportFile names

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Partially fix errai-data-binding integration tests issue

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Skip execution of AsyncGenerators if they've already ran via APT generators

Add @FunctionalInterface to HasAnnotations interface

Workaround for casting issue found in BindableProxyLoaderGenerator

Add ErraiModule class to all errai-demos

Update errai-wildfly10-dist to use WildFly 10.1.0.Final

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Rename some interfaces and create tests for ErraiModuleConfiguration

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Improve ErraiModuleConfiguration and add profile to jpa-todo-list demo

Created ErraiModuleConfiguration class

Add ErraiModule annotation with configuration properties

Make ErraiAptExportedTypes not static anymore