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Merge branch '2.4'

ERRAI-643: Make sure to trigger converters when syncing FROM_UI

Ensured same behavior of MetaClass#get*Fields() implementations.

* GWTClass.#get*Fields() and BuildMetaClass.#get*Fields() now behave

the same like JavaReflectionClass.#get[Declared]Fields()

* Added a test case for building a class with access to inherited fields


Fixed bus implementation with @Command on private methods

Fixed @Service annotation on private methods in Bus implementation

Added more tests for @Service and @Command annotations.

Copied tests between CDI and ErraiBus implementations.

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ERRAI-618: Reduced code duplication of @Service and @Command features

Created a common interface for parsed services (ServiceParser -- both type or method


Refactored CDIExtensionPoints and ServiceProcessor to use the


Fixed @Local feature in CDIExtensionPoints.

Fixed bean manager service lookup to use qualifiers (this was preventing

local type services from being found).

ERRAI-619: Fix and tests for @Command implementation in CDIEXtensionPoints

Merge branch '2.4'

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Merge commit '78c0a586f5cc597349f8b100374dcd36dadd7f0f'

No longer deploy aerogear demo

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Updated to new version 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 2.4.0.Final

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Fixed javadoc typo in TemplateUtil

Fix and regression tests for ERRAI-610

Calling TranslationService#setCurrentLocale now forces retranslation of

all templated widgets attached to the DOM and retranslation of all

ApplicationScoped Templated widgets (even if unattached).

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Fixed typo in CreationalContext javadoc

Fixed problem related to ERRAI-401

Conversational events are now fired properly to the initiating client

when the server fires the same instance of a payload that it receives.

Fixed ERRAI-401

DynamicEventObservers are no longer notified of events fired from

clients and removing the need for logic regarding which events they

should relay.

Merge branch '2.4'

Additional fix for ERRAI-634: Ensure that long polling handler doesn't schedule a new polling request when there is already one pending

Merge branch '2.4'

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Fixed ERRAI-534: Removed dependency to Netty 3.2.7

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Merge branch '2.4'

Fixed ERRAI-634 by making bus transport priority deterministic

Merge branch '2.4'

data-binding: ensured property change handlers can't accidently recurse

data-binding: added missing assertion to tests

fixed test added

updated documentation

now adds deferred binding properties to the head of the less stylesheet.

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