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Upgraded to picketlink 2.6.0.CR3

Remove injected ClientSyncManager from jpa-todo-list page (the issue it worked around (ERRAI-753) is no longer relevant).

Add descriptive messages for exceptions in bus test resources.

Fix test-harness issue. Check that timer has not finished before cancelling in InitVotes.

Disable checkboxes shared from other users in errai-jpa-demo-todo-list.

Use declarative datasync in errai-jpa-demo-todo-list.

Destroy dependent scoped pages after page access is vetoed from an IOCLifecycleListener.

Fixed ERRAI-752: User cookies sent from a Jetty server demarshall as String instead of UserImpl

Schedule timer in ClientSyncWorker after Rpc has returned.

Fix SyncDecorator to work with ApplicationScoped beans.

Fix dependency scopes in errai-bus-demo-stock.

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Fixed ShadowServiceIOCExt.: It loaded a variable instead of a literal value

Use MetaClass.getInheritedFields() in SyncDecorator (also gets private fields).

Allowed for java.lang.Object to be a valid result type of @Sync queries

Added README to errai-otec

Add test for navigation blacklisting (commit cdb0eea).

Fix maven plugin configurations in errai-jpa-todo-list that were preventing production deployment.

Clean up cruft from errai-cdi-demo-mobile README.

Fixed ERRAI-746: Errai Marshalling causes compile error in GWT 2.7

Allow to use both ResponseCallback and ErrorCallback in client-side JAX-RS interceptors

Add documentation for LocalEvent annotation.

Blacklist the constraint @Page in the SecurityContextImpl for apps using errai-security without errai-navigation.

Minor javadoc corrections.

Add description of TranstionToRole to navigation docs.

Fixed ERRAI-747: IOC container reports unresolvable bean with injection cycle involving interfaces on both ends

Fixed warning about double-declaration of imported EE6 BOM

Make sure test failures in asyncTest don't get swallowed

Cleaned up distribution pom (removed unneeded versions and added security)

Managed dependency versions for errai-security

Removed unneeded jetty-util dependency