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Fixed ERRAI-628 by removing unnecessary conversion of / to . in pathnames

Of all the scanning configuration in Errai, only one modification was required. And that

was to remove the same transformation to a string being matched against. Win!

Merge branch 'master' of

now uses the current version of the project to fetch the template. Be sure to run the bash script to create the template before changing the version as the integration test will fail if the template is not there!

small fix

added windows bat files and version number parameter

Fixed ERRAI-629: EntityManager should treat proxies as identical to the instances they wrap

save to the store after it's has been saved by the backend so it has an id

of course entities do not use int's as ids

Merge branch '2.4'

Implementation of ERRAI-626: Support for wildcards and cascading when registering property change handlers

data-binding: refactoring to move prop. change handler tests in separate class

Merge branch '2.4'

Fixed ERRAI-627: ClassCastException from DynamicDeliveryPlan

Fix for ERRAI-340

The qualifier matcher, as well as the behaviour of implicit qualifiers

@Any and @Default, now works as described in the CDI specification.

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convert numbers into strings because that is also what MarshallWrapper does to be able to use longs in javascript


added install instructions

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changed welcome file

updated image references

removed duplicate and unnecessary files

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added null check

make sure we send 'normal' json

fixed paths to mach server

Merge branch 'master' of

Merge branch 'hotfix/Errai-604' into develop

Merge branch 'hotfix/Errai-604'

updated to latest version

Fixed bug that caused client to request non-portable CDI events from server after a bus reconnect

Merge branch '2.4'



Added explicit null checks so we can see which param is null in case of failure.