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Add description of TranstionToRole to navigation docs.

Fixed ERRAI-747: IOC container reports unresolvable bean with injection cycle involving interfaces on both ends

Fixed warning about double-declaration of imported EE6 BOM

Make sure test failures in asyncTest don't get swallowed

Cleaned up distribution pom (removed unneeded versions and added security)

Managed dependency versions for errai-security

Removed unneeded jetty-util dependency

Managed version for deltaspike

Managed version for gwt-mockito

Managed version for jpa-datasync

Removed unneeded versions in errai-html5 pom

Add versions for maven-clean-plugin and maven-compiler-plugin.

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    • +2
Add gwt-user and gwt-dev to security demo dependency management (makes gwt.version easily configurable).

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    • +10
Managed more dependency versions for errai-ui

Removed unneeded versions of weld-integration pom

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    • +6
Managed version for jboss-as-dist and wildfly-cli

Managed version for client-local-class-hider

Managed version for asm

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    • +1
Improved fix for marshalling javassist proxies

fixed compile bug for nested templates (e.g #subtemplate)

Managed version for errai-codegen test-jar

Managed version for gwt-slf4j

Upgraded to jboss integration platform 6.0.0.CR9

Fix failing security navigation test. SecurityContext goes to correct page after navigation is denied.

Add failing security test for SecurityContext page caching.

Remove general, non-typesafe navigation methods from SecurityContext.

These methods have been replaced with methods for navigating

specifically to the LoginPage or SecurityError page. Also added another

method like "navigateBackOrHome" that allows you to navigate back or to

a provided page.

fixed some bugs with annotation preprocessing

Enforce existence of LoginPage and SecurityError pages at compile-time in errai-security-client.

Fixed netty dep. in bus stress test pom

ERRAI-718: Create type for transition to role and verify existence of UniquePageRoles at compile time.