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Update to version 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 4.0.0.Beta2

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Remove errai-js from errai-distribution pom.

ERRAI-968: Support Errai UI quick event handlers using native @JsType events

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ERRAI-961+: Fix javadocs copied from Instance<T> in ManagedInstance<T>.

Add missing method from select element wrapper.

First round of revisions for Errai UI docs.

Make all examples use native element wrappers. Add notes

discouraging use of widgets.

Add toString to @Named in ElementProviderExtension to improve error message for ambiguous injection.

Fix codegen issue when calling MetaClass.hashContent on type with type wildcard.

Updated to new version 3.2.5-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to new version 3.2.4.Final

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Generate factory for types from ContextualTypeProviders.

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ERRAI-961: Migrate IOCUtil functionality from kie-wb-common into errai-ioc as enhanced version of Instance<T>

Created a ManagedInstance<T> type with an API like Instance<T> except

with different memory management semantics. A ManagedInstance<T> holds

references to all dependent beans it creates and will destroy them

when it itself is destroyed.

This feature required adding capability to for disposing beans

to IOCProviders.

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Minor javadoc fix + add GWT script folder to gitignore.

Remove default method from JsTypeProvider (see below)

GWT is now hiding default methods from generators and

prevents us from generating subtypes of JsTypeProvider

which override getQualifiers:

Add missing selector methods to Document and Element.

ERRAI-963: Remove errai-js. (#179)

Create JS interop demo showcasing inter-script bean lookup.

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[ERRAI-960] upgrade IP BOM to 7.0.0.CR4 + general POM clean-up (#180)

* removing depMgmt for artifacts which are already

coming from IP BOM

* better alignment with IP BOM

* using plugin version from IP BOM/JBoss Parent

* fixes related to JEE Spec upgrades

* Use version 2.8.0-beta1 of gwt-maven-plugin

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ERRAI-959: Dependent bean in cycle with no default constructor can blow up at runtime.

Fix templating bug for beans with same simple class name.

ERRAI-948+: Fix codgen bug exposed by creating parameterized ConcurrentHashMap.

ERRAI-942: Make attributes in overridable at runtime by system properties.

ERRAI-948: infinite loop 100% CPU in generated ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl.getMarshaller

Set errai.codegen.details=true to fix failing tests.

ERRAI-927: Array marshaller generation causes rebind error.

ERRAI-946: @Bound onKeyUp property doesn't work with native input elements.

ERRAI-920: Codegen optimization when constructing CallElements

- No longer create a blame throwable for every instance of CallElement

unless -Derrai-codegen-details is set to true

Add IsElement in Errai UI with default impl that returns templated bean root elements.

Fixing properties parser to read properties values ending with '\:' or '\=' correctly (#177)