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docs and comments

fix to initialization of client bus.

fix early subscribe problem in client bus

point to new forum

docs and comments

Fix the icon reference for tools

Provide test property entries that flag each import

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Implment property scanner that merges *.properties into single keys

fix hello_exp.war contents

remove main method from scanner

check in failing serialization / JSON tests -- will fix tomorrow =(

minor improvements: - ensure stacktraces are not lost inside the async API.

small bug fix to solve problems where ServerBus subscription may occur out-of-order and cause problems in hosted mode.

code cleanup.

attempt to fix tests for hudson

fix unit tests.

more unit tests.

move hello_exp.war from resources/ to resources_metadata/


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Added exploded war test

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Added javadocs

Apply predicate before loading class files

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potential fix to deferred bindings issue with RPC.


fix to parent POM, again

fix to parent POM

- ClientMessageBus overhauled to support being re-initialized at runtime for the purpose of testing. - Addition of new internal APIs to support disconnection and reconnection.

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- Add Capabilities flags to handshake mechanism to allow server to tell the client server bus what features are available on the server, rather than having the client have to figure it out by brute force. - Add supporting for regular polling (non-long polling) -- mainly for the purpose of unit testing as long-polling doesn't really work very well with HtmlUnit which is single-threaded only.

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