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Remove jquery from docs. it breaks firefox

Make sure the clean demo sources are packaged into distro, not the compiled webapp incl lib's

minor fix.

minor fixes to WSGrid

minor performance fix.

Some updates to the userguide

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    • +60
move cdi dependency to dist module

Update CDI archetype

Added a jboss6 profile to the archetype

Serveral updates to the userguide

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    • +15
reformat code samples in userguide

    • -441
    • +492
Implement collapsable menu in docbook docs

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    • +31
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    • +13
More CDI docs

    • -2
    • +192
Begin documenting the CDI integration

    • -1856
    • +2032
inlcude download link for jboss 6

Fix CDI installer (reflections library included)

add provider injection test.

add an initial IOC unit test, and re-enable BusCommunicationTests (why are they excluded??)

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make failure to clean up a log message error, but not a fatal exception.

update to MVEL 2.0.8-RC2 and expand serialization unit test, as well as fix issues with binding arbitrary array types in serialization.

serialization fixes, and refactored tests to work properly.

Switch to GWT 2.0.4

Unmarshall type hierarchies on the client side as well.

Fix typo in pom

Remove main() methiod from BusClientConfigurator

Added preliminary fix for Errai-103

Added testcase for Errai-103

Get back to previous Scanner impl and release a new, patched reflections version (SP1)


fix codehaus repo configuration.