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Fixed javadoc typo in TemplateUtil

Fix and regression tests for ERRAI-610

Calling TranslationService#setCurrentLocale now forces retranslation of

all templated widgets attached to the DOM and retranslation of all

ApplicationScoped Templated widgets (even if unattached).

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Fixed typo in CreationalContext javadoc

Fixed problem related to ERRAI-401

Conversational events are now fired properly to the initiating client

when the server fires the same instance of a payload that it receives.

Fixed ERRAI-401

DynamicEventObservers are no longer notified of events fired from

clients and removing the need for logic regarding which events they

should relay.

Merge branch '2.4'

Additional fix for ERRAI-634: Ensure that long polling handler doesn't schedule a new polling request when there is already one pending

Merge branch '2.4'

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Fixed ERRAI-534: Removed dependency to Netty 3.2.7

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Merge branch '2.4'

Fixed ERRAI-634 by making bus transport priority deterministic

Merge branch '2.4'

data-binding: ensured property change handlers can't accidently recurse

data-binding: added missing assertion to tests

fixed test added

updated documentation

now adds deferred binding properties to the head of the less stylesheet.

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Fixed ERRAI-632: ConcurrentModificationException during client-side CDI event dispatch

updated release process to include deployment of errai cordova project template

Fixed ERRAI-628 by removing unnecessary conversion of / to . in pathnames

Of all the scanning configuration in Errai, only one modification was required. And that

was to remove the same transformation to a string being matched against. Win!

Merge branch 'master' of

now uses the current version of the project to fetch the template. Be sure to run the bash script to create the template before changing the version as the integration test will fail if the template is not there!

small fix

added windows bat files and version number parameter

Fixed ERRAI-629: EntityManager should treat proxies as identical to the instances they wrap

save to the store after it's has been saved by the backend so it has an id

of course entities do not use int's as ids

Merge branch '2.4'

Implementation of ERRAI-626: Support for wildcards and cascading when registering property change handlers

data-binding: refactoring to move prop. change handler tests in separate class