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Removed javadoc description of Service field annotations (ERRAI-289)

Removed javadoc description of Service field annotations (ERRAI-289)

form tag was triggering a page refresh

fix for ERRAI-583 changed to FlowPanel

more design changes

added cordova plugin

Fixed ERRAI-611

Regression test for very long i18n strings (functionality was already working; just lacked tests)

Merge branch 'ERRAI-486-fix' of into jbarop-ERRAI-486-fix



Merge branch '2.4' into develop

updated documentation

updated bootstrap and ui to feel more mobile

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Merge fix for ERRAI-561 from '2.4'.

Clear entity manager before running each test to prevent wacky side-effects.

Addressed ERRAI-561 and added tests

moved state to constructor

Fixing problems with pageHiding() and IsWidget

For IsWidget pages 'pageHiding()' was called with the wrapped widget instead of the actual page.

Followup for ERRAI-486: should be able to TransitionTo<IsWidget> and TransitionAnchor<IsWidget>

refactored removed the need for context and manged state

removed TranslateCommand from Chain

reverted temporary fix

Merge branch '2.4'



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Back to 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT after the release

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Updated versions for the 2.4.0.CR1 release

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This module was deleted. Re-deleting the pom which grew back

Fixed reference guide instructions

Updated docs for 2.4.0.CR1 release

Don't need quickstart docs now that we're not publishing archetypes

Just say no to Maven archetypes

Added tests for data-role=dummy and for text in non data-field elements